How Spoiled Teenagers Trick Out Their Ride

Our Top Five Car Upgrades for Young Drivers

When you want the absolute best for your teenager, you’ll go through great lengths to get them the car of their dreams — or to get as close to it as possible, and then take it to your local auto accessories shop for some key upgrades.

Your spoiled teen is guaranteed to want to trick out their ride with at least one of these top five simple modifications, so you might as well book the appointment for the work now.

Window Tint

Darkening car windows is often one of the first things teenagers want to do when they get the keys to their ride. Tinted windows are always on-trend, and make any car look more sporty.

Window tint comes in a variety of shades and materials, so even a parent on a tight budget can afford to make their teen’s car more special and stand out from the crowd. Opt for professional window tinting installation for guaranteed quality. A simple Internet search of “window tinting near me” will help you find the best shop in your area.

Ceramic Coating

If you could protect your teen’s car from scratches and sun fading, you’d want to do it, right? If they don’t end up wrecking it altogether, good-looking paint can help the vehicle hold its value when it’s time to sell.

Ceramic coating also adds a depth and sheen to regular car paint, making a vehicle look far more expensive than it really was. This impressive coating is applied directly over the paint and hardened for protection against minor damage, although the auto body can still sustain dents.

New Car Stereo Systems

If you’ve bought a used car for your teenager, then the stereo system is likely outdated and not equipped with everything your kid needs. Older car stereos usually offer bare-minimum features, like an auxiliary connection that hooks into a headphone jack to play music from a smartphone. But what smartphone still has a headphone jack?

So your kid can play music hands-free, you’ll want to upgrade the car stereo to something with Bluetooth connectivity or Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. And better quality speakers won’t blow out when they blare their music on their way to school or to a party. The new touchscreen stereo systems look high-tech, too, which is every kid’s dream.

Remote Starts

Remote starter systems use a keyfob or smartphone app to start a vehicle from a distance, with the doors locked. They’re especially useful in regions where hot summers and cold winters necessitate warming up or cooling off a car before climbing in.

A remote start for a teenager means your kid can make their ride comfortable as they walk to the parking lot after school, or warm up their car before driving in the winter to avoid engine damage.

And because a remote start will only work when a car is locked, the system also will help remind your teen to lock their car when they park, which decreases the chance of theft.

New Rims

Modern music references car rims and wheels on a regular basis. And that’s because they’re the equivalent of on-trend shoes in the fashion world.

Like window tinting, upgraded rims change the overall appearance of a car, taking what would normally look like a family sedan and elevating it to a car your teen can brag about to their friends.

New rims come in a range of price points, materials, colors, and designs. There really and truly is something for everyone. Just hope your kid doesn’t have their eye on the Asanti diamond- and sapphire-encrusted rims, which will cost you a cool million.

Not Sure Which Upgrades Your Teen Wants?
If you’re ready to give the gift of a custom ride, but you aren’t sure what your teen would prefer, why not bring them along to the auto accessories shop to pick out items? Using professional advice and guidance from the experts there, your teen can pick out the exact products they love, which will make their ride even more special to them. Good luck, mom and dad!