How online casinos are making money on poker games

It is no secret that the online casino is one of the most successful and most rich industries on the whole internet, and more and more players are joining this online casino era and making a lot of money. While playing any games online, the online casino gets a percentage of the total bet placed in any game. The amount of cut is constant in most of the games. But poker game is different from other games, and online casino cuts a lot of money from this game. This game alone makes a lot of money for any online casino with about 20% share or even more for some online casino websites of the total stake. So how does the online casino make a lot of money from a single game? Well, the answer is RAKE. Well, if you want to find out more about how online casinos are getting rich from a single game, read more. If you are interested in playing online poker and any other exciting games online, you can go to and found out some fantastic games that they have to offer.

The basics of RAKE in Poker

Most of the people want to enjoy the game. They don’t think much how the online casino is making money or not. They want a good playing experience. Most people don’t even know the word RAKE. Even the information is no use for you; it is still good to understand a rake and its works.

Cap with rake vs cap without rake

In most of the poker games, there is a percentage of cut that the online casino takes. It is about 2% to 10% of the total pot. But the higher amount of pot isn’t usually seen on online casino websites. But the usual playing rate is from 3% to 5%.

Some games don’t have any stack. But that is the game that people aren’t interested in.

Hourly rate options

Even the last thing that we mentioned is a common and most profitable way of collecting rake and gain a lot of money. Still, some other online casinos have a different approach.

On the other online casinos, there is a system that you have to pay an hourly fee for any poker game. That means you don’t need to pay anything for the pot; instead, you have the pay the hours you play on the table. But this time, it is a fixed fee.

None of these options are better or worse, but when playing a round of poker on an online casino or land casino, check the fee you have to pay.


One of the most profitable ways that the online casino makes money from poker games is selling chips. In classic games, the chips are in the same prize. But the tournament is a different type of play, and there are some rules in any tournament game. But in a tournament, the chips don’t have the same value as usual. For example, if you want to buy any 100$ chip for a tournament, you have to pay 110$ or sometimes more. So this makes the whole tournament thing more profitable for the casino companies.

The online casino has no limit for space. So they can run like 2000+ or even more tournaments at the same time. So they don’t even need any special tricks or rules to make money. They got enough from the online casino. However, many online casinos have started a partnership with the land casino. That makes the whole online poker more difficult for some people.