How often should I refresh the paint in the house?

Paint is a super-easy way to refresh your home and interior design. Walls get dirty with mucky handprints, food stains and the occasional spillage. Your home can look much cleaner when the paintwork is well-maintained. However, painting every room in your house is a huge job that takes a significant amount of time and effort. For saving time you can find house painters to do it for you.

There isn’t an official recommended period for repainting your home. You need to go off wear and tear, and how much each room is used. For example, your kitchen will start to wear much more quickly than the bedroom. You need to assess your own home and call time on the paintwork.

Let’s take a closer look at each room in your home.


The paint on the walls of your bedroom can usually last for about five years. You will often get bored of the colour before it starts to show signs of age. Bedroom walls aren’t exactly high traffic areas, and people rarely touch them. It all depends on the colour of the paint in the bedroom and your décor choices. Of course, a darker paint will conceal any imperfections far better than a bright white.

Children’s bedrooms will need to be repainted much more often. Children are likely to lean on the walls, draw on the walls and spill things. Try to go for a more durable paint in the children’s rooms so you can wipe any stains off easily.

Living room

The living room paint will probably last the longest. There is often more furniture in this room, so there’s less need to rest on a wall and damage the paintwork. You might get a few scuff marks from the sofa being pushed up against the wall.


The kitchen is the busiest room in the home, and the paint shows it. You need to find durable kitchen paint that can be wiped clean and withstand the test of time. Opt for tiles behind the hob so you can protect the walls from food and grease splashes.  Even durable paint will need to be repainted every few years in the kitchen.


Bathrooms need tough paint that can withstand humidity and moisture. You can usually find paint specifically designed for these conditions. Regular wall paint will peel and crack from the moisture and look awful in no time at all.

Stay on top of the paintwork in your home and make smart design choices.