How Netflix Became a Global Trend

Consequently, media companies have put enormous effort into creating new and entertaining ways of placing and promoting online content. One of the best examples of a customer-oriented company is Netflix, which has gone from a DVD rental company to a platform that consumes 15% of the world’s Internet bandwidth in only two decades!

But, how has Netflix managed to become an undisputed leader in the digital age?

Subscription Model With Major Benefits

Even two decades ago, it was common for new major trends to pop up every now and then. As we moved further into the digital age, companies had to adapt in order to survive. Therefore, as soon as the original DVD rental model became obsolete, an online subscription platform took over, giving users instant access to all available titles.

Today, Netflix is a synonym for binge-watching. There’s no need to download anything  by simply logging into your account, you can watch one episode after another.

Apart from its content flow, other perks have helped Netflix become a global leader among streaming services:

  • Technology — Users can watch Netflix streams anywhere, on any connected device.
  • Convenience — Netflix offers personalised content, allowing users to discover similar titles based on their preferences quickly.
  • User-friendliness and cost-effectiveness — The platform features a simple structure and requires low monthly subscription fees.

Thanks to all these benefits, Netflix has quickly gathered hundreds of millions of loyal users worldwide. But, Netflix has managed to transcend the form of an online streaming service — it has morphed into a global phenomenon with a significant impact on society.

For instance, research conducted by Betway has examined the effect TV shows have on us today. The results have shown that TV series that gain worldwide recognition and critical acclaim affect their viewers. Movies and series we watch religiously can influence how we dress, what we buy, and how we speak. Additionally, popular titles can change our interests, introduce new hobbies, and give us new places to see and explore.

Netflix Original Titles

Apart from its superior service, Netflix stands out from the crowd thanks to its original titles. In fact, thanks to its movies, series, and documentaries, this media giant has become an unmatched leader in creating and distributing original content. Research shows that more than 50% of all streams are actually Netflix exclusive titles, some of which include The Queen’s Gambit, Stranger Things, The Crown, House of Cards, Money Heist, Mindhunter, etc.

Apart from its dedication to original content, Netflix has also been committed to offering dozens of different genres that meet all imaginable tastes and preferences. From comedy and action to crime, superhero, and horror movies and series — Netflix has it all.

Global Expansion

Based on the official Netflix site, the streaming services are available in most countries worldwide, except for Syria, North Korea, Crimea, and China. Still, despite its success, Netflix had to overcome certain challenges before claiming the throne as the leader of the content streaming industry.

Countries like India and Japan had their own streaming giants that gave Netflix a hard time, especially in terms of connectivity and translation. Nevertheless, the company has managed to overcome the difficulties and become a globally acclaimed streaming service with millions of active users.