How Music Can Improve Your Self-Esteem

Music has healing powers. No matter the type, beat, rhythm, or words, music has been proven to improve self-esteem across multiple cultures worldwide. Not only does music connect people, but it allows for a simple way to express oneself.

Here are a few ways that music can improve your self-esteem.

Music Makes You Feel Connected

Music not only connects different cultures, but it connects strangers, the sick, the healthy, and everyone in between. Studies show that music is directly related to self-identity and connection with others.

When listening to music, you hear the vulnerability and art of another human being. Even if you may never be close to this person in your life, you can find similarities between you and someone else, which defines the human experience as a whole.

Feeling isolated is one of the top causes of self-esteem issues. Having connections through music can heal these feelings.

Music Gives a Voice to Your Inner Thoughts and Feelings

You may find that your favorite songs have lyrics that speak for you. You get emotional and feel like you’re finally being heard when listening to your favorite song. Or, perhaps, you enjoy music without words that allow you to connect to your inner self and feel the things you don’t usually get to feel.

Because of music’s profound impact on our cognitive and emotional minds, music therapy exists. This therapy allows you to listen to or play music to get in touch with your emotions without speaking.

If you’re someone who finds it difficult to open up to others, music may be an excellent healing tool for you. Look into healing therapists online or in your town to work on healing through music.

When you feel healthy mentally, your self-esteem is sure to improve.

Practicing Music Is Good for You

Music is good for you. It not only heals the body, but it also heals the mind. For example, studies show that music can actually heal pain in patients with chronic illnesses. Music is often used as a tool in elderly homes and hospice care to bring peace to those who are hurting.

How Music Heals the Mind

So, how does music heal the psychological mind? Music takes part in rhythms that connect with your nervous system, which can soothe your body. Have you ever felt calmer in a car? Do you enjoy lying on someone’s chest and hearing their heart?

These are examples of vibrations that soothe. Going to a concert, listening to a song, or drumming can create these same frequencies. A study done by GreenMedInfo shows that drumming actually heals the mind.

When your body and mind are healthy, you are more likely to have a better sense of self-esteem.


Your self-esteem can absolutely improve with the help of music. Music heals our minds, bodies, and hearts and gives us a sense of community that can be hard to find elsewhere. Practicing music with others or writing your own songs is another great way to heal your self-esteem and find beauty in your musical talent.

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