How Much Does Cash for Clunkers pay?

If you are the confused owner of an old an unusable vehicle and don’t know what exactly to do with it – this blog post is made for you. There are a number of scrap car removal services those offer excellent deals on old scrap vehicles and you can get more than expected amount from them that can be op to $9,999 at times and what is most irresistible about these deals is that you get immediate cash at hand.

What makes selling old car to car scrapping companies an excellent idea is the fact that you get good value on the vehicle irrespective its condition or the amount of damage that it has suffered. There is no condition attached to the price of the scrap vehicle and you can really trust Cash for Cars Perth for getting the best possible value on a junk car that is otherwise unusable.

How to determine the value of a scrap car

The first thing upon which the value of the car depends upon is whether it can be restored to run again or not. If the car can be repaired and restored to road condition you will get more value for it. Let us consider the factors upon which value of a scrap car largely depends –

  • The overall value of the scrap vehicle also depends upon the make and model of the car. Newer and high-end models will always fetch more prices.
  • Age of the vehicle is another factor determining the value of the car. If your car is more than 20 years old you are more likely to get less value for it.
  • If some parts of your vehicle are in good and usable condition you can get more value on your vehicle by selling those parts separately. Spare parts for newer and luxury model cars can fetch good value from the market even if the car itself is damaged beyond repair.
  • If your vehicle is of a rare or niche model you can still get excellent value on it even if it is more than 20 years old. Classic niche models have a market of their own and any buyer interested in classic vintage model can offer you excellent price – a lot more than you have expected.

Who buys your wrecked car?

Along with Unwanted Car Removal Perth there are several entities that also buy old scrap vehicles and are known to offer good value for it. So instead of selling your vehicle to the first cash for car service that you come across you can also consider the other options to compare the prices offered and then sell to the best buyer. Consider the following –

  • Used car dealerships
  • Insurance companies
  • Automobile recycling facilities

There are also a number of salvage vehicle auctions where you can sell a scrap vehicle for a good price. The best thing about these auctions is that there you find a number of private buyers who normally acts as intermediate between you and the used car dealership, insurance companies or auto recycling facilities.