How much does a hammer cost

For what purpose you are using the hammer is a great factor to decide what amount of money you have to spend for buying this. Depending on the purpose of work, there are different sizes of a hammer and the manufacturer companies also produce various types of hammers. Summing up all these things, the cost ranges from $7 to $50

What is a hammer used for

Hammer is a simple tool that consists of a hard, solid head situated on a medium to long size handle. This tool is used for various purposes and the work of the hammer is not as easy as the name indicates. 

  • Driving nails: If you want to drive nails into a wooden object or on your wall, there comes the use of a hammer. The flat-faced hammer works very well for this work. 
  • Pulling out nails: You just can’t drive the nails into an object through a hammer, you can also pull those nails again. You need a claw hammer for this task. 
  • Shaping metals: Give a proper shape to your hard object by the hard hits of a powerful hammer. 
  • Breaking hard objects: Breaking hard objects like rock or stones you need strong strikes from a hammer. And a sledgehammer will go well for this purpose. 

Cost of hammers 

As I already said, every hammer is built for some intended use and that’s why there is variation in the cost of different hammers (HMH). The size, usage, power everything affects the cost. Overall, the cost remains within $7 to $50

  • Cheap hammers: Hammers found in this category are used for basic works. The cost of these hammers ranges from $7 to $15. They may have plastic handles or sometimes typical wooden handles.
  • Mid-range hammers: Most high-grade hammers are found in this category and they cost around $20 to $30. These hammers typically are constructed with wooden handles. They also tend to have longer handles than the cheaper ones. Claw hammers also fall in this category and they can pull out nails. 
  • Expensive hammers: The heavier, the hammer becomes the more it will be costly. Sledgehammer is considered the most powerful hammers of all types and it falls in this category. All heavier, longer, and powerful hammers are included here and they cost more than $30 up to $50

Knowing the size of hammers 

What size of the hammer is suitable for you to buy also depends on the type of work you are intended to do with this tool. Basically, the size of the hammer is defined by the length of the handle. Most hammers are constructed with 12 to 18 inches long handles. 

The longer the handle, the more power you will get behind your strike. Shorter handle hammers are good for occasional use or if you are not a professional user. However, on construction sites where you need powerful blows, you must have a heavier hammer with a longer handle. Sledgehammer has a long handle for powerful blows. 

Types of hammer depending on use 

There are several types of hammers available and they have their intended usage. 

  • Claw hammer: It is the most common type of hammer and it comes with a curved, forked claw. 
  • Ball pein hammer: This is commonly known as an engineer’s hammer and has a round-shaped head. 
  • Farming hammer: It is similar to a claw hammer, but has a straight claw and milled-faced head. 
  • Dead blow hammer: The head of this hammer is constructed with solid rubber, plastic, or filled with sand and it provides soft strikes. 
  • Club hammer: It comes with a short and double-faced head. 
  • Mallet hammer: This type of hammer is made of wood, rubber, or leather and it is used for striking objects without doing any damage. 
  • Sledgehammer: It comes with a longer handle and the heavier design provides heavier strikes from this hammer. 
  • Specialty hammers: Other than these hammers, there is a brass hammer, block hammer, blacksmith hammer, cross peen hammer, chasing hammer, drywall hammer, hatchet hammer, etc. that are known as specialty hammers. 

Different hammerheads 

There are mainly two types of hammerheads, milled head, and smooth head. Not both these hammers are suitable for the same purposes. You need to decide, which type of head you need on your hammer depending on the type of your work.

  • Milled-faced hammerheads: Milled-faced hammers come with a pattern on the face of the hammer. The different brand puts different patterns on the surface of the hammer’s head. These patterns provide an extra grip to the surface if you are having trouble working on it. These are also known as waffle face and checkered face hammerheads. 
  • Smooth hammerheads: The flat, smoother face that leaves no marks on the surface you worked on is known as smooth hammerheads. You can use this anywhere you like because you don’t have to worry about having unwanted marks after the last strike on the object.

Knowing the weight of different hammers 

If you want a controlled swing from your hammer, you should go for lightweight hammers. Because, heavier hammers are more tend to provide powerful strikes, not controlled ones. The weight of hammers is mainly defined by their heads. 

  • Lightweight hammer: Lightweight hammers weigh from 8 to 18 ounces. These lightweight hammers are used for normal usages and they have smaller handles as well. 
  • Heavyweight hammer: Heavyweight hammers weigh from 20 to 34 ounces. The heavier heads will also come with a longer handle to produce more power. 

Our recommended hammers

  • STANLEY Hammer, Rip, Fiberglass: The handle of the hammer comes with a fiberglass core to provide strength and durability. It provides the feel of wood by reducing vibration. It comes with a long-lasting and durable forged high-carbon steelhead. You will have a firm grip with no slippage chances as it comes with an ergonomic comfort grip that features a ribbed surface and flared end. 

Stanley 51-106 13 Ounce Wood Hammer:

This hammer comes with a fully wooden handle. It is a 13 inches long hammer. The manufacturer has added a fully heat-treated and polished bell face in the hammer. It also has an exclusive rim temper that reduces the chances of chipping and spalling. 

Concluding words 

Make sure for what task you need a hammer and then purchase the suitable one without any hesitation.