How Much Can a Casino Make Daily?

People love to test their luck at casinos, betting on slots and table games whilst also enjoying other entertainments on offer and good restaurants too. In 2019, the American Gaming Association estimated that USD150 billion was gambled around the world. In Las Vegas, casinos are a symbol of the city and a mecca for tourists wanting to take in the glitz and entertainment. How much a casino makes daily has many variables.

Online casinos

Online casinos are booming, and some land-based casinos are developing online platforms whilst their venues are closed or have restricted numbers. Companies like 888 casino mobile are doing well as their games can be accessed from a number of devices at any time of the day wherever the punter happens to be. Companies are also offering online games that can be found in brick-and-mortar casinos to their loyal customers, so they can still enjoy the games they are used to.  Be sure to also check out game slot online as well.

Casino Advantage

Every casino in the world can make a profit thanks to what is termed the “house edge”. Calculated for every table game, lotto, or slot in a casino whether online or a brick-and-mortar site. A house edge is the mathematical odds of the game. Popular games have a house edge that ranges from 0.5 per cent to 40 per cent.

Increasing the house edge

Casinos can increase their house edge by setting a minimum stake in most table games. Setting high limits attracts high-rollers and their loyalty is rewarded with gifts, known as comps in the business and in return they must meet certain requirements like a specific number of bets or a certain amount of time on a game.

Non-gaming revenue

A casino’s revenue is not just from betting. Income also comes from selling food and drinks, in-house entertainment, spa facilities, hotels, parking and more. In Las Vegas, gaming at casinos accounted for just one-third of profit in 2013. The following year a survey of US visitors to Vegas found that half of the Millenials visiting Sin City only spent money on non-gaming amenities.


Stay-at-home orders have seen visitor numbers to land-based casinos plummet. It is hoped that revenue at casinos will return to 2019 figures by 2022 or 2023. Figures from Las Vegas in 2019 show MGM Resorts International made USD5.8 billion from its Las Vegas Strip Resorts, which is USD15.89 million daily. Caesars Entertainment made about USD4.45 billion (USD12.16 million daily) from its casinos, whilst Wynn Resorts generated approximately USD6.61 billion (USD18.1 million daily) and Circus Circus Casinos, Inc. almost USD116 million (USD 317,808 daily).

More generally, in 2017, 24 casinos in the Las Vegas Strip area produced gaming revenue of more than USD72 million. This means the average daily revenue of a single casino made up USD1.8 million with USD634,500 coming from gaming.

Online expansion

Online expansion of casinos is worldwide, but particularly in the US where many states have passed laws in the past year to allow legal online betting. In some areas, this means that fully operational online casinos are now allowed where once they were banned. How many land-based casinos will survive the 2020 pandemic is uncertain, as some will undoubtedly be incorporated into larger companies to survive or may have to close.