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Ear piercing refers to making holes in the edges or lobes of the ears to allow the wearing of earrings. Many people find it exciting to pierce their ears. However, ear-piercing can turn into a sorrowful adventure if they do not take care of the ears. Poor care can lead to some complications that can last for a lifetime. People need to follow the best care methods after ear piercing to allow healing. After piercing, people can change the earring at different times. The healing depends on the place of piercing or the body of a person. Health specialists recommend different durations that people can change their earrings. They include the following;

5 Days

Some people take less time in healing. At five days after piercing, some people can comfortably change the earrings. Changing earrings at five days can be dangerous, and people should handle the process with a lot of care. At this stage, the wound is prone to bacteria, which can cause infection. Changing of earrings at five days requires the person to use nonallergy jewelry to avoid skin irritation. People can purchase quality earrings from icecarats.

3 Weeks

At three weeks, the piercing wound of some people tends to have fully recovered. On the other hand, others tend to have not recovered, and if they change the earrings, they start bleeding. Therefore, people need to take caution before changing the earrings. Beauty experts state that the healing process is also affected by the tools used during piercing. People that pierce using guns heal later as compared to those who use sterilized needles. Furthermore, piercing at the ear cartilages can heal within three weeks for people who recover faster.

4 Weeks

Most of the people take a month to heal ear piercing. In most cases piercing on the ear lobes take four weeks or more. Therefore, people can try to change their earrings at this time. However, they need to keep on cleaning the place with surgical spirits to prevent infections.

5 Weeks

People should not change their earrings after five weeks of the piercing. According to beauty experts, people pierced on the cartilages should wait for more than seven months to change the studs. Additionally, they state that some people can take one year to heal this kind of piercing. Therefore, the change of earrings at five weeks should only apply to people who heal faster.

6 Weeks

People who take a longer time to heal, heal their ear lobe piercing at least six weeks. By this time, the pain is gone and is not bleeding. People can change earrings at this time if they are not feeling pain. During this period, people can try to wear earrings with different styles and designs, such as hoop earrings. However, they need to use disinfected studs to avoid irritation and infections. If they experience pain after changing the earrings, they need to remove them and seek beauty experts’ advice.

8 and 9 Weeks

Several ear piercings take eight to nine months to heal. These piercings include helix, tragus, daith, industrial, and snug, which are done on the cartilage.  Wounds in the ear cartilage can take more time to heal. That is why people need to take proper care of the wound to allow their healing.

In conclusion, ear-piercing refers to making holes in the edges or lobes of the ears to allow the wearing of earrings. Many people see ear piercing as an exciting adventure. However, healing a piercing wound takes time and requires patience. People heal the wound at different times, depending on their body and tool used to pierce them. The healing period ranges from five days to nine months.