How Humidifiers Can Help Allergies

Suffering from allergies is never a fun experience and when the seasons change, it can make it ten times worse as pollen saturates the air. The surprising thing is that no matter how hard you try to remove yourself from potential dangers, there will still be other triggers that exist.

Because of this, it is a good idea to contemplate the use of a humidifier instead of stocking up on tissues or allergy medicine because humidifiers can help allergies.

Humidity Basics

Basically, humidity occurs when the surrounding air becomes saturated with moisture. Not only that, but the amount of humidity plays a huge role in both the development and treatment of allergies. When it comes to helping, this is done when humidity is at an equal amount and keeps dust mite levels down.

Numerous methods exist that are able to guard a home from mites; however the first thing to do is to decrease the current amount in order to produce intolerable conditions.

The Issue with Dry Conditions

Having conditions that are too dry can create a negative effect for you and can make your sinuses irritated and develop an infection. Having air that is too dry also creates an overproduction of mucus.

If allergies are not your concern, then having air that is extremely dry will potentially cause you to experience dry skin. So as you go out to purchase a humidifier, remember to have the right amount of humidity

How Allergies Can Be Relieved by a Humidifier

When the humidity is at the correct level, your sinuses will stay mucus-free. Having clear sinuses will also help the body fight off the allergens that you come into contact with. A humidifier is also good for other conditions such as sinusitis.

A humidifier is also great to have during the flu season as it prevents coughing, runny nose, and an irritated throat. Having a humidifier will prevent you from experiencing all of these symptoms from occurring this winter or any other time of the year.

Humidifier Types

With many kinds of humidifiers available, It’s nice to know that these humidifiers can help allergies so you just have to select the type that would be perfect for you. One difference that is good to remember is that a humidifier will provide either a cool or warm mist.

Before you make your selection though, it’s also good to know what a warm and cool mist provides. A humidifier that supplies warm mists into the environment can be seen and felt. These kinds are also less noisy as compared to others and will help alleviate sinus issues. Warm mist humidifiers are also better for spaces like a small bedroom. Because of the mist being hot, children should be kept away from them.

With a cool mist humidifier they create no noise at all, but you will need to clean it more often. These work more efficiently in bigger spaces, many have stated that breathing in cool mist actually provided an enjoyable experience. A cool mist humidifier is also used mostly in environments that are hotter than other areas.

These 4 humidifiers are the best humidifiers that are most commonly used:

Evaporation Humidifiers

This one is considered to be the best humidifier in Australia and blows cool mist as the fan sucks in air and forces it past a wick that is moistened by being under water. As the water evaporates it creates the humidity throughout the air. At the same time, the air becomes cool, which makes it perfect for climates that are warm.

Air washer humidifiers

These humidifiers can help allergies and are designed to purify the air while adding humidity. They involve filter discs that eliminate irritants as they rotate. They are underwater and are able to extract pathogens such as a virus or bacteria. Air washers require an increased amount of cleaning, which is not bad since they are able to provide more filtration and relief.

Ultrasonic humidifier

With an ultrasonic humidifier, they are able to provide both warm and cool humidity. Depending on your area, you may be able to find one that provides both functions. The ultrasonic technology allows it to shake continuously. It has a fan that spreads the moisture throughout the environment and then gets evaporated. Your air will feel fresh with this humidifier and allergies are instantly relieved.

Steam vapor humidifiers

The steam humidifier gets the water hot, which then turns to steam vapors as it saturates the air. The water in this type of humidifier can get so hot that it is capable of killing bacteria, molds, and algae. This is great so that any allergens present will not cause any harm.

Ensuring that Humidifiers are Used Correctly

The thing about a humidifier is that they can’t just be used once and then you think that’s it. This is especially true when you’re looking for efficiency and a humidifier that will be able to provide years of humidity. Always remember to keep your humidifier clean when not being used so that no bacteria are able to grow. Plus, keep it up and out of reach to prevent any steam burn.

Regardless of having a hygrometer, your humidifier still needs to be monitored to ensure the amount of moisture in your air is no less than thirty percent and no more than fifty percent. When adding water, ensure that it is the cleanest that you can get.

When you are finished using your humidifier make sure that it is empty and dry or it could cause bacteria and fungi to develop. If you don’t, then when you use it next time it will spit out all of the antigens that you are trying to prevent in the first place. So make sure to add completely new water and not the water that remains.

Prior to storing your humidifier, make sure that it is completely clean and dry. Make sure to get rid of disposable filters. Prior to using it again make sure that it is clean again so that no dust pathogens exist that may have collected over time.

Suffering from allergies is never a good thing. This is why it is good to know that humidifiers can help allergies. Having a humidifier and allergies can be a good combination when you are seeking relief or if you just need to improve your air quality.

What it all boils down to is having a great humidifier and allergies will quickly subside shortly after use.