How Does Infrared Therapy Work?

If you are wondering what infrared therapy is, this article has a few answers for this amazing therapy.

Heat Therapy And Its Uses 

Infrared therapy is becoming more popular in the recent past, and as happy clients report relief of pain and improved circulation from their use of infrared therapy, more and more people will likely grow interested in its use. As overuse of harmful pain medicines makes the news regularly, this non-invasive procedure is a key to pain relief for many. With new demand, the cost of the therapy is actually going down. As it was formerly not widely available, its increased use means that more and more people have access to it. Infrared is now becoming very affordable, and widely available through health practitioners. 

An infrared therapy device provides deeply penetrating heat by noninvasive means, just shining the light upon the area to be treated, or with an infrared sauna. The skin, muscles, bones, and joints absorb infrared light, and the tissues widely benefit from it. Many painful diseases that are caused by inflammation, poor circulation, and more are made greatly improved with this therapy. The best part of this is that the therapy is incredibly safe, as well. 

Benefits of Infrared Therapy 

Reduction of Inflamed Tissues 

Heat has clearly always been a good treatment for inflammation. Infrared treatment has proven to be particularly able to penetrate tissues and treat joints, bones and deep into muscles. Hard to treat issues, like arthritis or joint injuries, respond well to it. Even old injuries or other long-term, difficult to treat, painful problems can respond to the penetrating heat of infrared therapy.  

Improved Healing Time

The polypeptide transforming growth factor-beta 1 (TGF-β1) is responsible for stem cell differentiation of cell growth. It also is a key factor that can be measured in the inflammation of bodily tissues. The more TGF-β1 available essentially means that inflammation will decrease in the tissues. The ability to increase TGF-β1 means that you can rid tissues of painful inflammation. Infrared therapy can increase TGF-β1, and also helps to form new connective tissue. This is an amazing revelation for those with painful issues linked to inflammation, such as arthritis.  

Improved Circulation

Just as infrared is able to affect deep tissues with heat, it can improve circulation in the same way. This allows for increased oxygenation of the tissues, because of the improved blood flow. Along with improvement in pain issues, this should help problems with muscle fatigue. 

Cardiac Health

A device called an infrared sauna is able to apply infrared therapy to the entire body, and because of the same reason that localized therapy improves blood flow, and circulation, this type of generalized therapy can improve cardiac health by improving circulation in the general arteries and veins of the body. It can actually lead to decreased plaque formation in coronary arteries, which is an amazing result.

The use of infrared light causes levels of nitric oxide in your body to increase. This causes a change in the cardiovascular system that releases nitric oxide. The release of nitric oxide increases the oxygenation of cells, and this improves cardiovascular health.  

Diabetic Health

One other amazing effect that infrared therapy has on the body is that it reduces glucose levels in the blood. This can be a game-changer for diabetics, who might be able to lessen the need for medication or not need it at all if blood glucose can stay within normal levels with infrared therapy alone. 

With all of the amazing things that researchers are finding with the increased use of infrared therapy, the popularity of its use will greatly increase. The amazing health benefits to common health problems are absolutely amazing.