How Do You Use a Telescopic Fishing Rod?

Imagine arriving at an off-the-grid fishing location and excitedly unpacking all your stuff only to find that your rod is scraped and cracked. It’s not exactly how you planned to start your fishing trip, but what can you do?

Should you resign yourself to becoming a spectator for the rest of the weekend, hoping that any of your companions would be willing to take turns using their fishing rod, or drive for hours to the nearest town to pick up a rod? Either way, this bad start could set the mood for the remainder of the trip and potentially make the entire thing a bust.

There’s a lot that can happen to a standard pole in transit—the rod could break in two, the guide could loosen, or the lines could tangle. For this reason, the idea of a telescopic fishing rod has become more and more appealing to anglers lacking in foolproof packing skills. You can buy the much-needed fishing equipment here for the lowest price. 

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What Is a Telescopic Fishing Rod?

Telescopic fishing rods are fishing tools that collapse into themselves to allow for better portability. Once folded, their sizes range from less than to a little over two feet in length, making them easy to tuck in anywhere, whether it’s in a backpack, carry-on, or even under the car seat. As such, these rods make it easy for you to go on spontaneous fishing trips because they don’t require as much effort in packing compared to a standard, non-collapsible rod. Meanwhile, check out here if you are an angler looking for the best fishing tackle sunshine coast

Composed of the same parts as a one- or two-piece standard rod, a telescopic fishing pole allows you to enjoy traditional fishing in the way that you’re used to. Depending on the model, its handle is either made of foam-covered cork or carbon fiber. As for the reel seats, they’re either made of aluminum, steel, or, occasionally, glass. You can also go for electric fishing reels which cuts off the effort needed to reel the fish in.

This particular pole has metal eyes that strengthen each of its sections. Depending on the line weight and the environment you’re fishing in, the inserts can be made of various materials. The majority of telescopic fishing poles come with a durable plastic tip cover that serves as protection for the eyes when in the folded position.

A telescopic rod can be customized according to your preferred line weight and reel. In most cases, these fishing poles come in baitcasting or spinning types, but other types like sea, surf, and trolling rods are available, too.

How to Use a Telescopic Fishing Rod

Unlike standard models, a telescopic fishing rod has to be assembled before it can be used. Make sure to brace the base of the pole on a flat, solid surface before gently pulling out each section until it locks into place.

The rod is structured in a way that this part shouldn’t take too long to complete, allowing you to save time. Once fully expanded, the telescopic rod can be used like any other rod.

Then, we have the disassembling process, which is just as easy as the assembly. To return the rod into its folded position, twist the sections slowly until they loosen and collapse into themselves.

One important thing to keep in mind when assembling this rod is to never “whip” it into its extended position. Doing so can easily damage the rod and render it useless.

The Benefits of Using a Telescopic Fishing Rod

Aside from the rod’s portability, the fact that it allows you to fish anytime the mood strikes is a huge plus. A telescopic rod can easily fit into your luggage, making traveling easier.

There will be no need to break the bank on those pricey rod cases, constantly checking on the rod while in transit, and worrying about baggage handlers damaging it. How you’re getting to your destination, whether by car, bike, plane, or foot, would hardly matter because your rod can tag along without any issue.

Durability is another one of the telescopic pole’s strengths. This can be attributed to the fact that the rod is collapsible and distributes weight and stress evenly to the sections along its arc. This prevents the rod from breaking easily. Imagine catching a large fish only for your flimsy rod to break and let it escape after several minutes of struggling.

The cost of the telescopic rod is not something you have to worry about, either. Considering its portability and reliability, it’s a pretty affordable rod. Plus, it even comes in rod-and-reel combo packages to make your fishing adventures easier and more stress-free than ever.

Final Thoughts

If you aren’t too confident in your packing skills or are uncertain if your standard fishing rod can make it through transit in the same condition as it was when you packed it, consider getting a telescopic fishing rod. This rod leverages its collapsibility to provide great portability and reliability.

With a telescopic fishing rod, you’ll no longer need to plan your getaways around a flimsy fishing rod that can ruin your adventure before it even begins.