How do i mount and film in a 360 camera

360 cameras are a type of camera that allows the user to film an entire sphere at once. On most occasions you don’t have to do it with your hands. You can always put your mount in place on your insta 360 backpack and move about capturing all that is around you. This gives the viewer the feeling that they are right in the middle of the action. There different point of views to choose from, different angles and orientation. All these gives the camera an extensive versatility. But how do you get all these if you do not know how to mount a 360 camera. If you want to learn more about mounting and filming  with a 360 camera. Read on.

What you need

What you need here is your 360 camera along with all the other accessories like your backpack, clips, velcro, your selfie stick or tripod and your insta 360 one r camera mount. All these may not be useful at once but they have their own unique capabilities.

Setting up your 360 camera on a Tripod

Here is a guide to help you set up your camera accurately on your tripod Stand for easy filming.

On your tripod stand, on the part where you need to fix your camera, there is a lever on the side which holds a plate in place. Once you pull the level the plate would come off instantly. On the plate there are two little screws. One is going to be used to screw the bottom of the camera. On the bottom of the plate there is a know in which you can twist to tighten the screw at the top of the plate.

At the bottom of the camera there is small space where you place your little screw in and twist the know underneath the plate so that the camera will be tightly secured. Take the camera with the plate and place it on the lever. Secure the lever in place.

Filming your 360 video

When trying to film with your 360 camera you need to have this in mind. First of all you, should know that 360 cameras are different in their own kind of way. Even the camera mount can add more quality to your videos or not. For you to know which mount is better than  the other you have to read our blog about the best backpack mount for 360 camera which we have written. Along with that article, you also have to keep this in mind:

  • Consider your height, if you have a good height you may go for a backpack strap or mount. But I’d you want to capture a high place you may want to settle for a tripod or drone.
  • Always ensure you are walking with a good posture or else your videos are going to be a little shaky
  • When you are filming a step by step tutorial with your 360 camera in it mount. You may need to show what you are holding by slightly lifting your hands for a full view of the object.


The 360 camera mount gives you a extensive option of how you want to mount of film what is around you. Your 360 camera can be mounted on your helmet, car, motorcycle,  backpack, selfie stick or Tripod. When filming with each of these equipment, Ensure that the field of view is well oriented and spaced. Because its a 360 camera, its going to capture a wide field of view, to this effe t you must ensure that there is no unnecessary obstructions.