How Can I Make a Yearbook?

Graduation or even passing to another grade level is always a fantastic milestone to commemorate. If you’ve been put in charge of your school’s yearbook, you’re in a unique position of being able to showcase your own and your peers’ memories of your school experience. While it might feel overwhelming to be in charge of your school’s yearbook, the great news is that there are easy and fun ways to make the yearbook design process easy. For a few tips on how to create a school yearbook you’ll be proud of, read on.

Using Design Templates

If you’re looking to make a yearbook but have no experience in things like page layout design or cover design, the best way to begin your yearbook project is to check out Mixbook where you can follow their style guides and get all the help with design elements you need. With Mixbook’s templates, you’ll be able to upload pictures into your yearbook project with ease and come out with a fantastic and affordable finished product.

Mixbook can even help with yearbook ideas by inspiring you with yearbook theme templates. Whether you and your classmates hope to highlight the last year or are more focused on the future, using Mixbook to show off this year’s school events and seniors is a great way to make things easy for the entire yearbook staff.

Honoring Experiences

Anyone interested in building a yearbook already knows the importance of memories. However, it can be easy to overlook the idea that a yearbook should include a variety of memories and experiences. How you experienced school might not be the same as someone else. For this reason, when building your yearbook, it’s important to reach other to other students to get their input.

Before uploading photos to Mixbook, ask classmates to send you their stories, photos, and even page ideas. Your yearbook should represent your entire school as a school project, not just you and your own group of friends. It’s a great idea to give other students plenty of time to help make your yearbook richer by including their experiences. In doing so, you’ll have a better final product that the entire student body can feel great about.

Looking Toward the Future

If you’re like many students, you’ve spent the entire year dreaming about your best possible future as you fill out those applications or make big plans for a gap year. As you look toward the future, use your yearbook staff experiences as a way of grounding you to the past and the present.

While this time may feel like it’s dragging on now, it’s something you’ll one day miss and often think about. For this reason, it’s a good idea to focus on making the moments and memories you decide to put into your yearbook count. You’ll come out with a masterpiece if you do what you can to keep your project consistent and plan ahead during your yearbook project. If you get stuck, be willing to look for ideas through asking other students in assemblies or even turning to social media and places like Pinterest. The hard work you do now will pay off later.

In the end, by working with your peers to collect memories of your shared school years and putting them together in a professional way, you’ll be giving yourself and others the opportunity to honor the past, present, and future. Best of luck to you as you go about creating the perfect yearbook for your school. You can do it! Before you know it, graduation will be here and your peers will be excited to receive their copies of the yearbook.