How Can I Design My Website?

Though your content may be great, it will not keep the 38% of visitors who’ll leave your site due to an unattractive layout. To get a drop on this, you can either decide to opt for website builders that provide a template or hire web design services like

Or you may want to go it alone, which may have some benefits to it. First, however, it is vital to consider what’s at stake and the kind of business you’re running. Your website’s first impression is key in scaling your business and, notably, so for a startup.

The Importance Of Web Design?

The amount of time a user decides whether to engage your site further is made in merely 0.05 seconds, so the stakes are high. In those seconds, they analyze the looks of your site.

According to 75% of visitors, your credibility is gauged through the outlook of your web design. That influences the success or downfall of your brand. A poor user experience repels 88% of consumers after the first purchase.

Characteristics Of An Effective Web Design

Depending on the purpose you hope to achieve with your website, it should be tweaked to enhance the usability of the user.


For user’s to locate the information they need quickly, it’s wise to organize the pages logically.

Optimized for the user

Ensure that the elements and features are easy to use and accessible to the user.


Scanning is a crucial factor to endear to the user, be keen on the fonts, layout, and colors to make it pleasant to the user.


Pick features that achieve the website’s purpose and benefit the user without compromising the loading time.


Embrace the same design elements throughout your web pages to enhance the user’s ease and maintain brand identity and visual harmony.

Designing Your Website

Here are factors to consider when designing your website

Your Websites Purpose

The site’s end goals are tied to why you want to create a website, a blog, an online store, etc. So what’s your end goal? Is it to sell products, entertain, or educate on a specific subject.

Your call to action should curtail what the visitors are supposed to do, either sign up, browse through products, read your content, or buy the product.

What you need to define:

1.Your target audience.

2.Your business content strategy goals.

3.Your call to action.

4.The tone and voice of your visitors.

Choosing Your Theme

To get to this point, you’ll have to pick a domain name and website platform to host your website. A theme or a template is layouts aimed at aiding non-technical users in creating a web design without the hassle of doing it from scratch.

Before picking a theme, you should factor in suitable for your website purpose; this will be critical in achieving your goals. The themes, customization options, SEO, feature set, responsiveness, browser, and extension compatibility are essential aspects.


That is heavily dependent on the theme of your choice. Your first pick should be a color that represents both business and personal identity. To get an idea of which color represents your brand, a look at the impression they have on the viewer is vital.

With the understanding of color psychology, you’ll be able to pinpoint which color you’d want to associate with your brand.

Red- signifies appetite, power, and love.

Yellow- Youth and clarity.

Blue- Trust, and security.

Purple- Wisdom, royalty, and beauty.

Orange- Caution or friendliness.

Green- Money, nature, and health.

Additionally, you can pick secondary colors to complement the dominant one. A neutral color is ideal for your text elements and background to maintain readability.


For navigation purposes, ensure that your website has standard pages; these are a homepage, contact page, page, service/product page, and blog page.

Ready To Go Live

All you’re supposed to do now is optimize your website for user experience and, to top it off, make it mobile-friendly. A lot of traffic is through mobile phones. After going through all the necessary steps, you can test and then launch your website.

Incorporate this with tracking your website to know where it may need some tweaking to achieve your goals.