How Can AV Tech Help Me?

Audiovisual technology, also called AV tech, includes electronic media with sound and visuals. Examples include films, TV shows, corporate conferencing or presentations and internet media. Commercial and residential AV companies install audiovisual equipment like flat panel TVs, in-ceiling speakers, projectors and projection screens. These contractors also specialize in designing spaces for AV purposes, including lighting, blinds, sound systems and theater rooms, as examples.

But, how can AV tech help you? Below, we look at some ways that AV technology can change your everyday life.

Do I need AV tech in my home?

There are many benefits to AV technology in your home. Through this tech you can remotely access your lights, security, HVAC and other systems. You can even control appliances in your kitchen without getting up from the couch. All of these controls exist on one touchscreen along with your television and favorite audio channels.

Home integration using AV technology includes:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Security
  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Cameras
  • Gate access
  • Appliances

You can access these controls from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Improved Productivity

AV tech also improves your productivity. These benefits include accessing email on the go or working from home while still maintaining daily contact with coworkers. AV companies can help you increase your productivity through some of the latest integrated home systems, including remote office networking and video conferencing. Because of other AV tech integrations in your home, like those listed in the section above, you spend less time distracted within the home environment. This gives you more time at your desk and focused on tasks at hand.

AV Tech Concealment

Not everyone wants their AV technologies on display within their household. Instead of giant TV screens dominating your interior decor, your AV company can install these with concealment in mind. Ceiling lifts, wall-embedded speakers and electronics housings can keep your TVs, audio equipment and other peripherals hidden from view when not in use. As with other home AV technology, these are easily controlled using touch screens.

Universal Control

Do you remember when universal remotes first came into being? Suddenly, we did not need multiple remote controls for our cable boxes, televisions, audio equipment and video recorders. Today, universal control extends to all electronic aspects of your home on one touch screen. You only have to learn one remote touchscreen operation to control climate, entertainment, security, kitchen appliances, gates and even your hot tub.

Sustainable Living

More and more homes are going “green” than ever before. Through a power management system, you can conserve home energy from your touchscreen. These systems eliminate use of standby power, the power left running despite turning off your appliances, for example. You can program your refrigerator to turn off for several hours each day and night to reduce power use but stay cold enough to keep food fresh.

Your home AV tech can also integrate resource monitoring, renewable energy and energy conservation along with your other touch screen conveniences. You can reduce your environmental footprint and use timers to avoid wasted energy when away from home or asleep at night.


Of course, AV tech is very popular within the home entertainment realm. A well-designed system can provide you with unparalleled video and audio experience, such as in a home theater, entertaining space or media room. Your home theatrical experience can include WiFi touch screen controls for the media equipment, as well as blackout drapes, climate, lighting and sliding doors.


More than a quarter of gamers are age 50 or older, according to recent studies. As a result of gamer aging and the ever-increasing immersion and interactivity of these diversions, homeowners are incorporating interactive tech into their households. Today’s media rooms include theater-sized gaming screens and systems with built-in control of lighting, gaming systems, internet access and other media.

Integrate AV Tech into Your Life Today

The sky’s the limit in the conveniences and comforts that AV tech can provide within your home today. Your only limitation is your imagination. This means that you no longer need to ask what AV tech can do for you, but how you can start integrating it into your life today. Schedule a consultation with your AV contractor to learn more about the possibilities for your home and lifestyle.