How Are Online Casinos Performing During the Pandemic?

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused global economic upset on a level never seen before in our lifetime. Overnight, retail outlets closed their doors, employees stayed at home, and sporting events across the world were canceled. And, naturally, this crisis has also changed the way in which people interact and entertain themselves. From comedy to casino, almost every sector has had to reinvent the way it interacts with the audience.

Online streaming has offered huge opportunities for theater and live music, for which online streaming in this capacity may feel quite new. Previously, theater audiences have been unable to watch so much theater online. However, with the rise of live streaming technology, many companies are making live shows possible, including Broadway productions. Although such live streaming technology is new to certain sectors, online casino sites have been harnessing the potential of live streaming for some time, in order to bring a more personal, more engaging experience to players.

With very few places to go and a chance to spend some time at home, many people have logged into online casinos, with a poll by Survation reporting that 28% of players are reporting that they are now playing more casino games than ever before.

The Covid-19 social distancing restrictions have provided a new opportunity to showcase innovative casino gameplay and give players the chance to explore live casino experiences from home. For instance, Boom Casino offers a variety of innovative games on its platform, including live casino games, in which players can enjoy casino staples such as roulette and baccarat with a live casino host. For those who like variety, Boom also offers live game shows such as Monopoly Live and Deal or No Deal – a subsector that online casinos have been quick to offer, as opposed to their land-based counterparts.

When national and state lockdowns began and a blanket ban on large gatherings was brought into place, sporting fixtures were canceled. Although this might have seemed to be a huge blow for the sports betting market, online outlets began to place an emphasis on more left of field options, such as e-sports and a virtual Grand National race for the UK staple. This brought an opportunity for at-home racegoers to engage with events online, rather than in person.

Although it is currently not possible to visit bricks and mortar casinos in most regions, online casinos offer an alternative that fans of this pastime have been eager to try, finding certain benefits along the way. Not only can you enjoy games at your own pace but there is no waiting in line, and it is also possible to play in your pyjamas. Once the pandemic is over, it will be interesting to see whether the trend to consume such entertainment at home continues.

With the increased interest in online streaming and home internet use now up by 70%, there may well be a revolution in how online gaming continues to operate, putting a focus on live games with real time hosts not only in the casino subsector but others too.

With a return to the old normality a long way off, online casinos will continue to give audiences an immersive experience which blends the liveness of playing in person and the ease of being at home. Those missing the glitz of going to a casino can always put on a suit and pour themselves a martini as they play another game of baccarat, after all.