How a Trucking Company Will Try to Cheat the Victim of a Truck Accident

Injured victims of a truck accident in the United States have an opportunity to file a lawsuit against their trucking company. If their injury is severe enough, they can seek compensation for medical bills and other expenses related to the accident by filing this suit with the court. Many truck accident lawyers are working tirelessly to get compensation for truck accident victims since insurance companies often try to cheat victims of truck accidents.

Ways A Trucking Company Will Try To Cheat Victim of A Truck Accident

1. Pretending to be your friend by apologizing and offering to buy you a car and a house if you gave up your claims

Although trucking companies are required by law to protect their drivers from harm, there is a lot of pressure on them to accept any settlement offered by the injured victim. Trucking and auto companies are major employers in most cities, and they want to minimize the risk of bad publicity, thus making it easy for them to be persuaded into giving out money.

2. They fail to show the impact of inflation on the sums they discuss. They don’t consider what inflation can do to their payment amounts in the future

Inflation can greatly reduce the value of whatever settlement one gets from a large company. Insurance companies usually refuse to discuss how much will be involved in inflation, and as a result, victims are cheated out of receiving the correct compensation for their injuries. Truck accident lawyers are aware of the fact that insurance companies are likely to hide this important information from their clients in order to make it easier for them to take advantage of them, thus reducing their chances of getting the compensation they deserve.

3. The misuse of annuities

Companies may get permission from the court to use annuities (a contract in which an insurance company pays a person a regular allowance in return for a lump sum). Insurance companies can argue there are no more outstanding claims because they have already made these payments. Having the annuities is a great way to make it appear that the two parties have reached an agreement and settlements have been made. It’s also used as evidence that there are no outstanding claims and that those release agreements are signed.

4. They treat the non-economic losses of the family as having no or minimal value

Insurance companies will not give any consideration to the emotional stress experienced by the victim’s family, which is sometimes the biggest harm inflicted on them. Some insurance companies will not even acknowledge that a family member’s funeral service or other expenditures may have been incurred by them. These are obvious issues that should be acknowledged by an insurance company, but instead, they try to ignore these issues.

In conclusion, it’s important to remember that insurance companies are businesses and will do anything in their power to cheat the client out of his or her deserved settlement. In some instances, the insurance company may attempt to make the victim go bankrupt instead of receiving the sum he or she deserves.