Home Improvements to Make Before Moving in with Your Family

Moving to a new home can be overwhelming. You and your family are in a transitional phase, and you must be busy as a bee with much to do. From finalizing the paperwork to clearing off all your previous dues, you must ensure everything is covered before you move into a new home with your family. However, the constant hustle might make you forget the most important thing- is the home ready for your family?

Before moving in, you must hire professional building inspectors to do a few major checks to ensure that your new home is safe and ready to welcome the family. Read on for a comprehensive guide about what do building inspectors look for.

Check all surfaces of the house

The flooring, the walls, and the ceiling are what hold your house together, literally. Whether it is the flooring’s carpet, tiles, hardwood, or vinyl, you should consider reflooring before your family settles in. It’ll be a high one-time cost, but it will be worth it in the long run.

You’ll also need to check the walls and ceilings for cracks, gaps, or chipped-off paint. Moreover, if you’re planning to have the walls freshly painted, it’s better to get it done before the family moves in so the paint fumes are subsided. If you want wallpaper in the kids’ room, ensure it’s put up before everything is settled in. Many houses have popcorn walls, and you might want to clear that off before moving on since it can get messy.

Unpacking and Organizing

When shifting, your biggest concern would be that all your furniture and stuff is safely packed, loaded, moved, unloaded, unpacked, and organized. With much of the stuff being either bulky or fragile, it can be strenuous to pack and move everything safely. It’s recommended that you call for professional help, like Optimove, which provides excellent yet economical removalist services in Australia.

Professional movers are responsible for packing your stuff and moving it to the new location, where they’ll also carefully unpack everything. Since you won’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings, you can focus on the furniture placement and how you’d want to set up the new house. If you sense that your new home is short on storage space, you can bring in a carpenter who can build new cabinets or shelves.

Take measures for security

Before bringing the family to a new home, you must ensure it’s secure. If you’ve bought an old house, you should first have all the exterior locks replaced so that you can rest assured that only you and your family have exclusive access to your home. You can also install security systems with smart locks and intruder alarms for beefed-up security.

It’s also important to check that the smoke alarms are installed and functional. It’s also best to install new batteries to the alarm, so you’re sure it won’t run down any time soon. If the home already has them, it is important to do smoke alarm testing in rental properties or properties you purchase. If you have pets who run around the backyard, you should consider installing a fence around the yard. Remember, you might have to apply for a permit to put up a fence around the house.

Childproof the house

With kids, you can never be too careful. If you have curious toddlers, they’ll want to explore every bit of their new home. For their safety, you’ll want to make the house childproof. It would help if you covered all power outlets, being more particular about the ones your kids might reach.

You can get corner guards or a safety rubber bumper to prevent kids from hurting themselves by colliding with sharp corners or edges. You can use these to cushion cabinet or furniture edges. You might also want to carpet the floors or staircase if your kids are learning to walk and may stumble.

Ensure Clear Plumbing

For optimal living, you must ensure that your house has a consistent water supply and clear out any plumbing problems that might be creeping in silently. From rusted old pipes to dripping taps, you must give the kitchen and bathroom a once-over to ensure the plumbing is clear.

You must be watchful of early signs of a clog. A bunch of hair, left-out food chunks, and pieces of plastic are just a few of the many things that can clog the drain and cause an overflow of water. Call a plumber for a thorough inspection before settling in with your family.


Moving to a new home with your family is a big change. It can take time for you and your family to settle in and feel comfortable. To facilitate the transition, you can take a few steps for home improvement before your family finally moves in.

You should keenly check all the house surfaces for cracks or gaps and have them immediately covered. You also need to ensure that the security systems are functional so your family’s safe inside. Most importantly, you’ll need to check the house’s plumbing so you aren’t struck with a disaster after the family’s moved in. Lastly, you should hire professional movers to ensure all your furniture and belongings are safely packed and securely transported. With everything settled, the new house is ready to welcome your family!