High-Quality PCBs manufacturer

Victory High quality  PCBs manufacturer is one of the finest Industry of Electronic, which is producing highly innovative designs for PCBs. They are recognized as high-quality manufacturers. They are using highly recommended technology in all their products that is why the sales of their products are going around the world.

Aluminum base Printed Circuit Boards

They are using aluminum-based boards which are made up of multilayer printed circuit boards with metal core(aluminum) baseboards. Victory manufacturer is a highly professional PCB maker in China. Offer PCB services

Victory PCBs is now also offering their services like assembly and custom designs to meet the customer’s needs.

Quality base fabrication

High quality pcb manufacturer is making high quality of their products with high wiring density and fabrication capabilities. Sales of their products:- Victory PCB maker has more than 1000+ groups of customers and they export 80% of their products to East Asia, Europe, and America, etc. 10 layers of FR 4 PCBs

Victory PCBs have 10 layered Fire Retardant FR 4 TG180 in their printed circuit boards which means they have a glass fiber epoxy layer in their products. These PCBs have a 1.5oz thickness of copper. They use gold immersion surface finishing on their PCBs.

White and black double-sided boards

Victory PCB makers are making black and white double-sided boards with FR 4 TG150 with 2oz thickness of copper and surface finishing with HAL.


Victory PCBs are providing their customers high standards of quality of their products with FR 4 laminated aluminum for 15 years. Other applications are as below;

Industry Control

PCBs plating with high-quality Electronic components is very common. The industry is controlling all the expenditures in the manufacturing of complex printed circuit boards and Polycarbonate Nameplates. Automotive electronics:- For the production of fast PCBs, gold fingers in automotive electronic devices are also used. It is most commonly used in the fastest products of PCB.

Medical Equipment

To meet the unique limitations of medical devices PCBs of highly recommended technology are needed. That is why Victory PCBs are fulfilling all the requirements of medical equipment.

Communication devices

In the communication device, there are 2 lays of Roger PCB with 1oz finished copper thickness that is used in data communication, transmission networks, and wireless networks. Aerospace devices:- It is very honorable that Victory PCBs are making their printed circuit boards for the airplane. It is a private enterprise that is making PCB for aerospace devices.

Customer Response

Customers are very satisfied with the products of the Victory manufacturer. They say the prompt response services of makers are very satisfactory as they respond even at midnight. One of their customers says Victory PCB makers are so fast that they provide high-quality products with professional techniques. But the prices of their products are cheaper than others. Victory PCB makers are the fast production manufacturer who has the high quality printed circuit boards with competitive prices making us more confident in front of our customers in the market. The customers of Victory manufacturers are all over the world.