High ceilings: pros and cons

High ceilings are often considered an undoubted advantage of an apartment: the higher, the better, but in reality, this is not always the case. Online bathroom vanity store New Bathroom Style asked the experts about all the advantages and disadvantages of high ceilings.

There is no standard ceiling height: someone has an everyday life with 7 feet, another needs ten and more feet ceilings.

Low ceilings are not liked because they seem to press from above. The room appears tinier, especially in the bathroom with your luxury bathroom vanity. It is uncomfortable to be in such a room. But the minimum restriction was also legislated so that standard furniture could be placed in the apartment – for example, wardrobes.

How to choose the golden mean – the optimal height? Everyone answers this question for himself, weighing all the pros and cons. Have you ever wondered what ceiling size you prefer?

Arguments for high ceilings

More space and volume

The main advantage of an apartment with a high ceiling is more volume and air. A small apartment with a high ceiling seems to the buyer more than a spacious one, but with a low ceiling – it appears that it is even easier to breathe in it.

Apartments with high ceilings usually have large windows and oversized bathrooms with 84 inch bathroom vanity that provide optimal levels of natural light. There is enough air in them, a feeling of lightness and spaciousness is created. In addition, high ceilings open up space for the apartment owner for space zoning and interior decoration. For example, it will be possible to organize designer lighting through a multi-level roof, install a chandelier on a lengthy suspension, become the visual dominance of the room, place massive furniture, etc.

Mezzanine floor

With a ceiling height of 10 feet and above, it will be possible to equip the mezzanine floor. Designers often offer this option to apartment owners to increase the usable area of ​​housing. A bedroom is usually located on the mezzanine, and under it is a dressing room, an office, a kitchen, a lounge area with a sofa, armchairs, a TV, or any room in which residents do not need to spend a long time standing.

The height of the mezzanine is sometimes calculated by the size of the tallest tenant plus 4-6 inches. But if a full-fledged second level is planned, then the requirements of the law must be taken into account.

Additional storage space

Instead of a second-tier under the ceiling, you can make a spacious mezzanine for large items and seasonal clothing.

Arguments against high ceilings

Uncomfortable room

Like any large room, a room with high ceilings requires professionalism from a designer. In a small room, furniture stands almost close to each other, and in a large room, it is necessary to fill the space, zone it evenly with ceilings – the same story. If you do not consider the room’s height, then it runs the risk of looking empty and uncomfortable.

Well shaped rooms

High ceilings are found in reasonably spacious rooms – palaces, mansions, and elite houses for their time. But many old places eventually turned into apartments, where rooms were split into pieces, not considering the architects’ intentions. Because of this, well-shaped rooms were often obtained, in which the area was critically small, but the ceilings were tall.

According to the designers, this effect is obtained if one of the sides of the room is half the height of the ceiling. Although in practice, even if these two values ​​are equal, discomfort already arises. Vertical zoning will help to cope with this – for example, the upper part of the walls is painted in the same shade as the ceiling.

The price of the apartment is higher

It will be possible to find new buildings with high ceilings only in business class in the real estate market. Imagine two towers of the same height. But one of them has ten floors. And in the second building, there are eight floors, but the size of the ceilings in the apartments is a little more than 10 feet. And if the costs of erecting the boxes of the two buildings are the same, then the apartments in the second will be less. Therefore, the price of an apartment with high ceilings will rise.

According to the expert, one of the tasks of a typical construction is to save public funds, and high ceilings did not contribute to this in any way. Not much time has passed since then. Many apartment buyers are still looking not at the height of the ceilings but only at the square.

Repairs and maintenance are more expensive

It is not cheap to renovate an apartment with high ceilings. The surface area is more extensive, which means that more finishing materials will be required. And if they are expensive, then the price of repairs increases significantly. Design solutions allow expensive finishing only for a part of the room, effectively dividing the space into zones. In addition, apartments with high ceilings are usually purchased by clients who do not limit themselves to the budget for home improvement.

Maintenance of an apartment with high ceilings will also be more expensive

But all the disadvantages, like all the advantages of a high ceiling, may seem unimportant to a specific buyer. However, the bathroom supply store New Bathroom Style expresses the point of view of the majority: “Yes, sometimes you have to puzzle over how best to play the space. Yes, it costs a little more. But all this is more than pays off with the feeling of spaciousness, which will be in an apartment with a high ceiling.