Here’s Why the Races are Beloved by Millions

If it isn’t a staple on your calendar or certainly on your bucket list to do, it should be. Attending the races throughout Britain and the world is a class day out for all involved. Getting the booze flowing, the bets on with Timeform and the atmosphere rocking for a day filled with exhilarating racing and top-notch entertainment makes for a fantastic day out in the calendar year. The appeal of the races ranges from the posh to the common, old to the young. The fun does actually span across the board. So without further ado, let’s have a look at why the races are beloved by millions.

Great sporting moments

Asides from all the palaver and entertainment in the stands, the races provide a sporting spectacle. The high calibre of speed, strength and stamina put on show by both the horses and jockeys from 30 fence steeplechase so iconic to the Grand National to the flat racing adopted by the world famous Kentucky Derby there is never a dull moment in horse racing. It attracts punters from old to young who spectacle at the sheer brilliance that this sport has to offer. You just never know what you are going to get in the sport and the anticipation is part of the draw, from speed records to horrible falls at hurdles.

Festival feel

The races are cracking to watch on TV but are even better to experience in person. The sheer entertainment value is through the roof. There’s a genuine buzz about the racetracks which can only really be compared to music festivals. From the dressing up to the booze, the live entertainment to the celebrity appearances these places really do create a great atmosphere. This festival-feel not only enhances the day out which many have when they attend the races but they add a completely different, yet brilliant, compliment to the sports racing going on.

Dress up

Perhaps one of the best things about the races is the rare chance in the year to dress up to the dolls. Yes I’m talking hair, makeup, nails, dresses, stilettos, braces, flat caps, suits and winklepickers. A key part of a day out at the races is getting yourself suited and booted ready for the day ahead. This is certainly one part of the races that draws the crowds from the fascinators on Womens Day to the best peaky blinders impersonation on the other days. The dressing up also sets the sport aside from other sporting events that many attend and does give it that unique quality that attracts punters and experts alike.


Of course, you cannot mention horse racing without having a little discussion about sports betting. The whole sport is propped up by betting and sees massive influence and revenue from the bookies. In return the races continue to provide crazy good races to draw the punters to the bookies. The amount and easiness, as well as the sort of one off mentality, that horse betting provides for many adds that extra excitement to a day out at the races. The chance at winning big enhances many peoples’ day. With that allure of a treasure pot at the end of the racetrack allows many to be drawn in even more by the sport and pay races they would otherwise not care about, some attention. Not only this but on big race days, betting adds that extra passion to those trying to cheer their winner across that finish line which adds to the already electric atmosphere.

It is for these reasons that the races are beloved by millions. Accessible across the world and enjoyed by people from all walks of life this magnificent sport guarantees you a great day out. With the chance to dress up, grab yourself a big winning bet and have a good laugh whilst you are at it, you’d be mad to miss out on the fun.