Haven’t Tried A Man Bun? You’re Missing A Lot


If you have not tried a man bun yet, then this is the fate who brought you here. Even if you do not believe in it, trust us, nothing happens without a reason. This popular men hairstyle is destined to grace your head. And we are almost sure that our guide will manage to convince you to venture for it right away.

The Origins Of A Man Bun

You may not know but a man bun had existed long before hipsters popularized it. If you want to find out the full story, welcome to our website MensHaircuts. In short, it used to be a signature hairstyle of the Samurai, Vikings and Sumo wrestlers. Can you imagine how old it is? However, hipsters are indeed the ones who we should thank for the popularity of men bun, as it is them who made it the hairstyle of the whole era.

How Do I Tie A Man Bun?

A man bun is a hairstyle that you can easily create yourself. First, you need to ensure you have the necessary tools:

  • A full head of mid-length or long hair (undercut will work too).

  • A high-quality hair brush or comb.

  • Texturizing hair styling products (sea salt spray, gritty clay or volumizing powder).

  • An elastic band.

Now follow the steps below:

  1. Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and do not forget about the conditioner.

  2. Towel dry your locks to soak in excess moisture.

  3. Apply a heat protectant and blow dry your hair on a medium heat setting. Alternatively, you can use a sea salt spray for enhanced texture and allow your locks to air dry.

  4. Brush your hair through with the comb or brush to eliminate any tangles and knots.

  5. Starting from the forehead, push all your hair back raking through it with your fingers.

  6. Gather the hair at the back where you are planning to tie a bun, holding it with the hand.

  7. Fasten the hair in place by tying it with the elastic band.

  8. Twist the obtained ponytail around its base several times and secure the ends either by using the bobby pin or simply by tacking them under the bun.

  9. Finish off with a touch of hair pomade or sea salt spray.

The Most Popular Ways To Wear a Man Bun

Now it is time to explore the most sought-after man bun hairstyles according to MensHaircuts.

The Full Man Bun

It is always a good idea to start with a classic low key version of a hairstyle. Thus, a full men bun will appeal to those who are trying this hot hairstyle for the first time. One of the best things about it is that you can hardly mess it up. Even if it comes out slightly unkempt, it still looks cool.

The Undercut Bun

Now this is the hairstyle for daring and fashion forward guys who like to stand out in the crowd. The undercut haircut on the back and sides takes the bun on top to the center stage. Besides, it accentuates your facial features and makes it look sharper, which is why you get not only a more contrasty but also a more masculine look.

The Low Bun Men Hairstyle

While the most common way to tie a man bun is high on the top of your head, it is always possible to take it a little lower for a less impactful appearance. This look will be suitable for most situations and can be worn with both a casual outfit and formal attire.

The Half Up Man Bun Style

If you cannot decide whether you want to show off your luxurious mane or flaunt a trendy hairstyle, then we have a great solution for you. A half up men bun will allow you to do both. To get it, you simply need to separate the top section of your locks and tie it in a bun as usual.

On that note, you cannot consider yourself a really fashionable and stylish guy if you have never tried to wear your hair in a man bun. Besides, there is a bun to match any man’s taste, so you will surely be able to find an option that resonates with you most. And we are pretty sure that once you have tried it, you will refuse to trade it for something else.