Havdalah candles: Now you can get them online!

When Shabbat comes out, a “havdalah” is performed. Similar to Kiddush at the beginning of Shabbat, in which we separate Shabbat from the other days at the beginning, in Havdalah we also separate Shabbat at the end.

Sages attribute the ability to differentiate to the mind. The mind in which man has distinguished himself over the whole of the animal world, is the one that gives him the ability to distinguish between good and evil and between essence and care. In this way a person can rise above the everyday earthly being and connect to spirituality.

In the transition from the holy day, the Sabbath, to the days of the act – the weekdays, we make a havdalah. We notice the difference between the holy day and what it expresses to the mundane, and so we begin the week with a higher awareness of what is more important and what is a little less important.

In addition to the blessing of the Havdalah that is said over a glass of wine, two more blessings are added: smell the perfume (from the plant) and bless them, as well as light a candle and bless the creation of the fire.

The reason for smelling the perfumes is because our soul feels the lack of Shabbat and the addition of holiness it gives to our soul, and the smell of the spices contributes to the restoration of the soul and a positive feeling at the beginning of a new week.

In addition, according to tradition, the first time a fire was lit was on a Saturday night. The first man, created on Friday, managed to light a fire by rubbing two stones, on the evening of the first Saturday of creation. Therefore, they determined that the evening of Shabbat is the right time to thank and bless this wonderful work and the ability to light a fire and illuminate the darkness.

From the paragraphs above, it is clear that all the candles are very important to us Jews. These candles occupy an important position in our religious rituals but sometimes find them quite difficult, especially if we live in a country where Jews are a minority.

For example in America, there are quite a lot of Jews here but still we are a minority and we cannot necessarily find a Jewish shop on foot. Fortunately the Internet provides many things and various conveniences. Now, finding a Judaica shop is as easy as moving the fingers on the keyboard.

Yes! Buying online is very profitable because we can save time and break geographical boundaries. We do not need to be stuck in traffic jams to buy an item, including just a candles. The following are two types of high-quality candles and they can be purchased online:

1. Classic Havdalah Candle – 30cm

This product is one blue candle but 4 colors available; red, pink, blue and orange. Whatever your tribe, these candles are perfect for you. Yes! They are suitable for Ashkenazim, Sephardim and Yemenites. The length of the candle is 30 cm. Sold for $ 9.56.

2. Havdalah Candle – 24cm Colorful and Elegant

Unique shape, tapered upwards. The color is also interesting, a combination of beige and red. There are 3 color variations; beige-red, beige-green and beige-blue. It is 24 cm long and is suitable for all Jewish communities (Ashkenazim, Sephardim and Yemenites). Sold for $ 15.75.

You can get them online! No need to ask “where is jewish shop near me?”. They can be delivered to your home very soon!