Great Prank Apps to Fool Your Buddies

If placing whoopee cushions under seats and playing knock, knock ginger is your idea of a great prank, it’s time to catch up with the times! Ever since the introduction of prank apps, we have transitioned into a new age where pranks are not only more convenient and efficient to pull off but also more creative and unique.

Thanks to technological advancements, there is a tonne of new Prank ideas you can try on your friends with just the click of a button. Below we’ve picked some of our favourite prank apps of 2020 so far. Let us begin!


Nothing beats the basics, and even to this day, the prank call is one of the most famous pranks to play on just about anyone. Unfortunately, executing a great prank call is a different matter entirely as some struggle to keep their nerve and not mix up their words. 

Enter OwnagePranks – the world’s best pre-scripted prank call app that lets you make fantastic prank calls with no preparation time required. From over 100 prerecorded prank calls available, OwnagePrank users can choose which one best suits their targets. 

Prerecording examples include a pizza delivery driver insisting you’ve made a substantial food order or an uber driver becoming disgruntled after arriving too early. 

Once your prank script is chosen, select your contact and make the call. 

Afterwards, an automated prerecording will play tricking your friends into thinking a real person is on the line. Thanks to the app’s speech recognition AI, it does a brilliant job mimicking how we would typically speak by recognizing keywords and responding at the right times.

Main Features

  • Over 100 prank calls available with new ones added regularly
  • Listen to the prank call throughout and listen again afterwards as each call is recorded.
  • Submit your best reactions to the ‘Pranks Hall of Fame’ on the OwnagePranks website, as the very best are featured.

Hair Clippers Prank

If you feel like getting payback in fun creative ways, then look no further than the Hair Clippers Prank app. If your buddy’s vanity is well-known, then this prank is ideal for causing some fantastic hysterical reactions. 

Like the name suggests the Hair Clippers prank is when someone trims a small section of hair of some poor soul’s head (preferably at the back), giving them a weird-looking bald patch.

The Hair Clippers prank app imitates a real hair clipper, as it makes the same buzzing noise and vibration consistency. To top it off, users can see exactly where they’re trimming on their phone screen so you really can’t miss. 

Like previously mentioned, the ideal spot to trim is the back of the head as your friend won’t be able to see in the mirror where it is immediately. While it’s all for fun and just a simulator, their hilarious reactions make it more than satisfying. 


  • Imitates a real hair clipper
  • Vibrates while playing a buzzing sound
  • Image is loaded on to your phone, giving the appearance of a trimmer. 
  • Phone camera displays where you are trimming

Fake Call Plus- Prank Dial App

Have you ever been stuck in a boring work meeting or awkward social occasion where you can feel your energy being slowly sucked right out of you?

Then Fake Call-Plus offers a fantastic solution, letting you prank others into thinking you’re needed elsewhere

This app allows you to make an incoming call to yourself instantly, letting you fabricate any prank scenario you wish and allowing users to pull off some amazing well-thought-out pranks. 

Are you expected to stay but desperately want to leave? Pretend your cat is sick and needs to be taken to the vet. 

How about tricking your kids into thinking Santa Claus is calling? Pretend you’re talking to Santa during an incoming call on Christmas day for fantastic reactions. 

During fake incoming calls, however, it’s crucial to sound natural over the phone, remaining inconspicuous to the others around you. 

Thankfully the app alleviates the awkwardness of talking to an imaginary person on the line by letting you load a recorded audio file which will be played during the call. 

During calls, simple ad-lib on your end of the conversation to ensure fake calls sound as natural and realistic as possible. 


  • Schedule a fake call to ring you instantly
  • Excellent design and UI, easy to use
  • Use different ringtones by importing your own