Gherry Review – How Health Apps Can Improve Seniors Lifestyle

Health apps act just like your personal caregiver. The advancement of artificial intelligence measures your health status and warns you of critical conditions. Mainly you can get three types of health apps to offer premium health services:

  • General apps and wellness applications: These nutrition monitoring apps bring outstanding senior living assisted facilities for the seniors. The AI assistance helps you count the burned calories, hours of sleep, and more. 
  • Telemedicine apps: With this fantastic health app, you can consult licensed doctors virtually. 
  • Health management apps: This is perhaps the best type of health app providing impressive nursing facilities. With this app, you can know your health status. Whether you are pregnant, have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart rate, and more. On the other hand, with this app, doctors can deliver your report and share your previous medical records with your medical official. 

How Gherry comes in to help? 

Gherry is a super app that connects patients with caregivers. We know that sometimes, it becomes challenging to provide the proper assisted living facility to your loved one due to several challenges. And so, if you take Gherry’s assistance, you will find it easy to deliver skilled nursing care to senior family members. With the help of this app, you can send immediate signals to your family, doctors, caregivers, and more.

Step By Step Guide To Use Gherry 

If you are interested in using health app programs to monitor your health condition, you can trust our Gherry as it is easy to manage and comes with impressive graphic work. Follow the instructions below, and you will learn to use this application program. 

  1. Select your role: Please mention whether you wish to monitor your health status of someone else’s you care. 
  2. Your care circle: Next, you need to add your care circle. Like an assisted living community, you can create your care circle in our app, including your parents, kids, grandparents, and caregivers. 
  3. Your medical card: In the next step, you will have to fill in details inside your medical cards. Enter your age, gender, blood group, height, weight, and so on. 
  4. Your dashboard: Next, it is time for you to optimize your dashboard. You can check the given options and proceed accordingly. 
  5. Pick the health trackers: In this step, you may need to pick the trackers per your health condition. Such medication management is excellent for long-term care. You can set trackers such as blood pressure, memory care, respiratory rate, blood sugar, and more. 
  6. Set your tracker: Now it is time for you to select the tracker. You can manage this step using the given options. 
  7. Check your tracking history: This is a valuable part of using Gherry. You can check your previous blood sugar level, heart rate and understand whether you have succeeded in improving your health or not. 
  8. Manage your medication: With the Gherry App, you manage your medication routine without any personal care assistance. You can set the alarm for your next drug, and our app won’t let you miss a single dose. 
  9. Your reminders: With this feature, you can set reminders for your eye drops, health checkups, medicine intakes, and a lot more. 
  10. Gherry calendar and other facilities: Use your calendar to highlight dates for a doctor’s appointment, medicine refill, and track previous health records. 

All in all, our Gherry acts just like your family member to assist you all day long with medication guidelines. 

What are the key features of this application?

When it comes to senior care, you should use understandable, less complicated, and easy-to-manage apps. Gherry is a flawless app with simple features such as,

  • Health tracker: With this premium application, you can track your health in a short time. Do you want to monitor the health condition of your grandfather? In that case, Gherry can help you out. In the Gherry app, we have installed several trackers representing various health conditions to help the patients. You can just follow the instructions and monitor your health condition easefully. 
  • Swift medications: In this section, Gherry helps you to save your prescriptions and medication doses synchronology. You can also set reminders for intaking medicines and refilling them.
  • You can have your care circle around you: To keep your near ones around, invite paid caregivers, family members, doctors to join you so that you can share information, your current health status with them. This process undoubtedly reduces your life risk as you stay linked to everyone.
  • Other additional features: Apart from the features mentioned above, several benefits are there that enable you to check notes, maintain to-do lists, expenses, and all.

Bottom line – Why should you lean on digital health care apps? 

In today’s world, the healthcare industry is extending its periphery to a great extent. Health apps have proved to be very beneficial for individuals fighting with health issues all alone. 

  • It is accurate: When an app monitors your health status, you can expect to receive the precise result: the apt heart rate, blood sugar, mental level, blood pressure, and more. Furthermore, the best part of this application is that you can get your result in seconds. Whether you want to send some signals or share medicine names, it will be done in seconds. 
  • Accessible data collection: Do you know that most hospitals and assisted living communities prefer using health apps due to the ease of data collection. The medical officials find it suitable to work on healthcare apps to access the data seamlessly.