Getting Your Affairs In Order: 5 Things To Do To Make It Easier On Loved Ones When You’re Gone

Getting your affairs in order can be a real challenge, and many people put this task off, considering it to be morbid or not necessary. Preparing your estate for after your passing can be an incredible way to help those you leave behind and ensure that your death doesn’t put too much of a burden on those left behind. It will ensure they can focus on coming to terms with their feelings and grief without worrying about practical things.

Knowing where to start when it comes to getting your affairs in order can be challenging. Many people use a notebook or organizer to make it easier and ensure that all the crucial information is easily accessible to those left behind.

Note Down Important Information

It is a good idea to get a notebook or organizer that you can fill with crucial information. Things like user names and passwords for banking, social media, and utility providers can be invaluable for those who deal with your estate when you’re gone. You can also include any personal information that might be needed, including your date of birth, previous names, social security number and answers to security questions. Having all this information organized in one place can be invaluable for whoever takes care of your estate when you’re gone.

Pre-Plan Your Funeral Service

Planning for your own funeral can feel like an odd task, but it is one that will benefit those left behind and ensure you get the service you want. You should look for a quality funeral provider who can help you plan your funeral and navigate the emotions that will come with this difficult task. Options like the Baldwin Brothers Funeral and Cremation Society which offer Naples, FL cremation and funeral services, are an excellent choice to make the process easier.

Keep Vital Documents Together

There are many documents that whoever executes your estate will need. This includes your birth certificate, deeds to any property you own, investment documentation, and will. It is a good idea to keep these documents together in a folder somewhere secure. A fire-proof safe could be a good choice, and you could consider scanning the documents so that even if something happens, your next of kin will be able to access them.

Decide What To Do With Social Media Accounts

This is a relatively new consideration for those planning their affairs. What happens to your social media after you’ve passed is something many people might not consider. Most social media platforms allow the loved ones of a deceased person to memorialize their page, which usually means shutting down all functions of the account except comments or posts so that loved ones can pay tribute. You could also decide to shut down your accounts entirely so they will no longer be visible.

Write Letters To Your Loved Ones

While not a necessity, writing letters to your loved ones can be an excellent way to say goodbye. You could write to various people, letting them know how much they mean to you, and giving them something special to remember you after you’re gone. Ensure that the names and contact details of the recipient are clearly marked on each letter to be sure they get to the intended person.