Gearing up for Mike Tyson’s Big Return

Mike Tyson has been a household name for decades. Few athletes can claim such prominence. His stardom is due in large part to his stirling successes. Part of his fame is also due to his incredible personality, unique vocal tone, and his career in front of the Hollywood cameras.

With all eyes focused on the big fight on November 28, 2020, networks and fans are gearing up for a big night. Tyson is known for throwing in some surprises. No matter what happens, it will be an important, and well-remembered night in his already storied career. Let’s take a look at Tyson’s career to see where we are, and how we got here.

Why We are so Excited

There is a lot of excitement around Mike Tyson’s return. How could there not be? With years of excitement, and then years of anticipation, it is no wonder that people are gearing up to make the match even more exciting.

Mike Tyson is a legend in his own right. You don’t earn the title of “BAddest Man on the Planet” very easily. He was the undisputed heavyweight world champion for years. He was also the youngest person to ever win a heavyweight title. Legendary.

But we are also excited for this return in particular. It has been more than fourteen years since Mike Tyson’s last exhibition fight. And he has been teasing us with the idea since at least May. We are salivating to see what kind of fight is left in Mike Tyson, aged 54, and also in his opponent Roy Jones, aged 51.

Why This Return is Controversial

Mike Tyson has been out of the fight for over a decade. And he has only recently gotten back into shape by working on his fitness with a dedicated personal trainer. Many are worried about the motivations, and what he is sacrificing for that.

Many point out that at his age, no governing body would license such a fight. Most boxers at his age are long retired, and some even suffer from debilitating nervous damage. As one ages, injuries are more likely and more grave. This had to be an exhibition fight, as it would not be permitted under a governing body.

That brings up the question of why? Is it because of his love of the sport? Does he miss going toe to toe with the competition? Perhaps, but the media frenzy surrounding it suggests a different angle.

Mike Tyson has earned an estimated $10 Million for the fight. Who could resist such a sum? I might even fight Mike Tyson for that much money!

Mike Tyson’s Retirement and Other Returns

His retirement was as much of a shock as his returns. In 2005, we were all surprised when Tyson suddenly entered into retirement.

It happened in 2005. Tyson was locked in a sweaty and close battle with Kevin McBride, himself a legendary boxing figure. Before the start of round 7, he quit not only the match, but the boxing in general. He retired mid-match. That shows just how much Tyson does what he wants to, with little warning.

Be ready for surprises.

In addition to the upcoming November 28th march, one other time after retirement, Tyson made a big return.

In 2006 he promised a tour of exhibition matches. The world awaited with bated breath. After such a promising yet turbulent career, what would this new round bring? The tension was palpable.

In his fights, he went up against Corey “T-Rex” Sanders. Sanders was 8 in. taller than Tyson. Sanders wore headgear. Tyson wore none. He seemed to be holding back, in order to extend the matches, and his financial payout.

This tour was a mere year after his unexpected, show stopping retirement. As the media and fans alike get ready for this big match, the only thing we can expect is a surprise coming from the famous Mike Tyson.