Gamble Feature in Slots Explained

Since the inception of slot games, the gamble feature has been ever popular. For players, the risk and excitement involved with this feature is exactly why they love slots! From the earliest slot all the way to online slots, the gamble feature has evolved and changed as much as slot machines have. It is essentially a game of double or nothing, allowing players to double their total winnings or risk losing everything. The onset of online slots has furthered the gamble feature in slots at, what was once a simple yes/no question now utilises amazing graphics and animations with a variety of unique themes!

Double or Nothing

The basic idea of the gamble feature in slots is that it is double or nothing. It is easy to see the allure of the feature, the chance to double your winnings with a simple push of a button is something that can be hard to resist, however the idea of losing everything can be equally off putting. The way the feature works is that slot gives players a 50/50 choice, doubling the total winnings if the player makes the right choice. In classic games, this feature came in the form of cards but modern slots have utilized it in a variety of stunning ways, for example some slots allow players to edit the payout of the gamble feature! A unique thing about this feature is that it has absolutely no house advantage, it is completely fair to the player.  

Gamble Feature Examples

The most common example of the gamble feature are card games. Usually it asks players to decide whether the next virtual card picked will be a red or black suite. However there are other variations, for example some ask players to decide whether the next card chosen will be higher or lower than the previous. An old fashioned coin toss has also been used, players must decide whether the coin will land on heads or tails to double their winnings. Similarly, a dice roll is also regularly used. Players must decide whether the dice will land on either even or odd numbers. Sometimes, players will even be given the choice of the exact side of the dice which makes the game much harder but also increases the payout!

Bonus Games

The latest slot releases have updated versions of the slot gamble feature which allow players to control how much they gamble. The player is provided with a globe which has red and green sections, the player can then alter these sections to increase or decrease the amount they wish to gamble. After deciding, the globe spins round and depending where it lands, the player will have won.

Final Thoughts

Gamble feature continues to be a popular addition to slot games, with online slots taking the feature to brand new territory. It adds a real element of risk to an already fun game, it is a feature which sets pulses racing as players find out if they have doubled their winnings or lost everything.