Fun Ways to Entertain Your Kids in a Lockdown

We all thought that lockdown is going to be fun at first. We assumed it would be like a prolonged holiday with no foreseeable end, at least that’s what introverts thought. But as months went by, the lockdown started to take its toll on us. The tension between couples and family members started to increase and kids, energetic as they are, couldn’t really cope with being huddled at home every single day!

Going out, unfortunately, isn’t an option, which only leaves them with limited daily activities they can do to pass the time. To make this period easy on both of you and your kids, take a look at these following activities that can make quarantine more fun.

Den Building

Children always love to have a space of their own where they can unleash their creativity. Building a den or a fort or princess playhouse inside the house or in your garden is a great space for your children to resort to whenever they feel like reading, role playing, or building lego blocks in a private area. It is also going to help them look forward to going to a location without having to step a foot outside the house. Before you start building a den with your kids, make sure you have these items ready: chairs, cushions, and blankets. First, place the chairs with the help of your children in the designated area. Then, place the blankets on top of the chair arrangements, and you can add all your kids’ cushions inside the den for extra comfort. So, whenever your children are ready to embark on an adventure, you can start building this easy DIY den!

Dance Parties

Nothing is going to make your children channel all their energy music does! By now, your children surely have accumulated a list of their favorite Disney songs and nursery rhymes, so helping them a quarantine playlist of their own will provide an opportunity for endless fun. To do this, you can use music applications that you already have on your smartphone, like Spotify and Deezer.

However, finding that particular song that your kids want to listen to can sometimes be a bit difficult, especially if you can’t find it anywhere. In that case, we recommend using a YouTube Video downloader. Youtube is a great place where you can almost find all the music your heart desires. The folks at Viddly’s YouTube Downloader recommend having offline access to any type of music you want once you download it. This also gives you the benefit of additional features, like converting videos to an MP3 or MP4 format, and it will allow you to play music on your favorite music player whenever you want. So, whether you’re using your laptop or smartphone, using a downloader will enable you to make the best quarantine playlist. With that said, you can let your dance party begin!

Cooking or Baking

You probably already have that figured out, but all kids are fascinated with cooking from a young age. It is only natural to them that they start asking you endless questions whenever you’re in the kitchen or making a mess with baking ingredients. Thus, guiding them through baking or cooking simple meals will satisfy their curiosity and make them feel independent and empowered.. There are multiple quick meal recipes over the internet, handpicked by experts to make the cooking process a lot more fun for your kids without making a mess of your kitchen. For example, making fresh pasta, potato soup, pea pesto, or cookies is a good way to start cooking and baking with your children.

Digital Tours

Since we can’t go out and leave our homes unless we’re running errands, we can take advantage of the second-best thing: digital tours. Digital or virtual tours are mainly offered by museums from all over the world and they strive to give online visitors a similar experience of visiting the museum on their own.

Some museums provide a 3D mapped area of their interior with the help of Google’s Street View feature, like the Guggenheim museum, while others provide a 3D timeline pinpointing the dates of the ancient pieces and artifacts they have on display. If you want a more immersive experience, you can use VR headsets. Digital tours are fun, educational, and might be just the thing to alleviate the boredom of your kids.

It is true that lockdown has been hard enough for all of us without adding our kids’ frustrations into the mix. So, make sure that you tend to their needs with the effective methods mentioned above. It is easy to neglect your self-care when you’re taking care of your children, so be sure to take time for your own entertainment and respite.