Fun Places to Visit on a Day out in the US

The US is not just a popular tourist destination for nothing. It has a lot of attractions that bring tourists here every year. Talk about the natural scenery, charming cities, natural parks, beaches, and exquisite restaurants. Tourists are left with so much to do.

In the US, you can decide to go vintage shopping, hiking, biking, snorkeling, road camping, skiing, diving, tasting wines, visiting beach islands, and so much more.

With so many options, picking a place to visit can be challenging. To help you make a quick decision, I’d be showing you the top places you can spend a day out in the US.

Let’s start with;

1. Las Vegas

If you are a sucker for entertainment, there’s nothing you would not love about Las Vegas. Las Vegas is aesthetically appealing and well-lit with glittering lights. It has successfully drawn visitors for years. Think of newly-weds, friend groups, young, old who come in their numbers to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is popularly known as the city of Casinos. If you love the thrill of staking and risking high for hefty sums, tell me why you should skip Las Vegas. You’d also be thrilled by the large resort complex that holds dancing fountains, erupting volcanoes, and much more.

Lest I forget, this entertainment city is home to many US pop stars who regularly entertain large audiences. If your favorite celeb is in Las Vegas, then here’s your call to get that visitor visa and show up in Las Vegas.

2. Orlando

If you’re thinking of Orlando as a fantasy world filled with spells, talking animals, and special characters. Or you are also visualizing the city as a theme park with many rides and games. Yes, you’re not mistaken. That’s Orlando!

Orlando has Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Resort Universal studios. It is a great city to visit if you are spending a vacation with your family. It sure is also great for solo travelers who love to have fun as they would enjoy the rides, the shopping, golfing, and eating.

Orlando is fun all year round. However, it is usually chock-full during school, summer, and Christmas. If you still visit this period, you’d find hotels to stay in as the city is prepared for tourists.

3. Yosemite National Park

Did you know that the Miwok people once inhabited Yosemite National park? These and many facts can be learned from the Indian Village of the Ahwahnee and the Yosemite Museum.

Aside from history, you get to hike up the trails of the hills, camp around the park, and even take perfect pictures.

Yosemite National Park is a natural treasure kept away from international visitors. Most tourists are keen on seeing popular places like the Grand Canyon but quickly forget that popular places are always filled up.

If you are like me, who loves a natural landscape with fewer crowds, where I can take lots of pictures, then Yosemite National Park is a must-visit.

4. Santa Fe

Bubbly people, ambrosia meals, and patios are the things that define Santa Fe. It has everything needed to make your day memorable. The city is a fine blend of Mexican, Spanish, Native American, and Anglo-American cultures.

At Santa Fe, you can start your day by people-watching and go shopping for lovely vintage pieces. In the afternoon, check out the café, stroll around the city, taking pictures with the Adobe buildings as backdrops. End the day by visiting the nearby resorts where you can skydive or hike the mountains.

5. Maui

The fun is endless at Maui. Maui is not just known as the Valley Isle for nothing. It has five districts that have a lot to offer. At Maui, a day is certainly not enough to enjoy the goodness of this serene Island.

You can start by watching hula dancers make their moves or snorkel with sea turtles. On the Island, you can sail across zip lines, golf on the pitch, go on a road trip, or even explore a dormant volcano. The list of fun activities to do at Maui is endless.


You’ve seen the top fun places you can visit on a day out in the US. These places create long-lasting experiences for visitors. If you plan a US trip, check out any of these destinations. As a final note, do seek US immigration advice before making your plans.