Fun Activities to Do During a Field Trip

Many schools offer students the opportunity to participate in field trips. These are not only fun for the children they offer a great way of learning outside of the usual classroom learning environment.

Field trips provide students with a unique way to learn about diverse subjects. It enables children to be in new environments, to be more curious and motivated, and to learn about a specific subject. Students can visit many different places with their school. In this article, we will explore a few fun ideas to do during a field trip.


This is a common choice for many field trips as it is one of the best ways to learn about a specific subject, such as history. By visiting a museum, students become more interested in the subject as they are exposed to visual aids whilst they learn about a topic, rather sitting in a classroom listening to someone talk for hours. Visiting a museum makes everything more interesting and can spark specific interest in some of the students to pursue a career in the future.

Trips Abroad

This option may appear to be more extravagant and not affordable by many families. However, there are many benefits to visiting other countries as students are exposed to a different culture and language, thus becoming more motivated to learn a new language to communicate with others. Moreover, their curiosity and awareness of cultural diversity will likely increase. As seen on, there are travel companies available that work alongside schools and offer good discounts for school groups. These events are not only educational, but they also are important for a young person’s ability to increase their social skills and they will be able to make memories that will last a lifetime.

National Parks

By visiting a national park, students can learn about nature, plants and animals within their local area. However, this option goes beyond basic learning – it can be a very relaxing trip, which young people can benefit from to reduce the amount of stress they are exposed to constantly. This is supported by research that shows that a visit to a national park increases positive moods and revitalizes individuals from the effects of stress.

Moreover, a national park visit provides the perfect opportunity for people to be active as many parks offer certain activities such as hiking, walking and kayaking. These are offered for everyone, no matter what level of fitness you are.


Visiting the Aquarium as a school is a lot of fun and educational. This environment provides a range of diverse learning methods, therefore everyone can learn and enjoy. The fish and vibrant colours will appeal to those visual learners, whilst the lecture and tours will apply to auditory learners. Furthermore, being exposed to other creatures that people do not get exposed to in usual settings, will increase students’ awareness of much life there is in nature and living in the water. This will develop their appreciation for nature and marine life.

Charity Work

A great idea for a field trip is to have the students do some charity work. It could be as simple as looking for a local charity and getting involved or even creating a school fundraiser to raise money for a good cause. Oftentimes, charities such as food banks welcome young people to support them to collect food, to raise awareness and to deliver food to those who need it most.

By participating in activities like this, young people are offered the opportunity to give back to the community. They can also research different charities and learn about different causes and be encouraged to show empathy for others.

Visit a Castle

Another fun idea for a fun trip is to visit a castle. There are still many castles among us that have been built many years ago and hold so much history. These castles have witnessed life and celebrations and visiting these provide us with an idea of how certain people before us used to live.

Many castles have certain programmes for groups to visit, that include fun aspects such as role-play or theatre to bring history to life. This will enable young people to learn more about local history, customs and traditions, and architecture.

Field trips are incredible methods to provide students with unique and memorable learning experiences. And there are so many fun options to choose from. Not only these will increase their theoretical learning of school subjects, but it can also increase the development of social skills and allow people to give something back to their community.