Full guide of Online Bachata Classes in 2022. Everything you need to know before signing up

The busy world we live in made us think of different solutions to fit dance classes into our schedules. Online classes enable us to avoid many of the difficulties dancers face, including anxiety, shyness, and lack of free time. With these classes, you won’t have other people witnessing your first (insecure) dance steps or the pressure of comparing your progress to your fellow colleagues.

Take your time to work your way through online dance platforms and pace your dance classes however you want. Also, you can choose from a variety of international dance teachers whose in-person classes are way out of your reach. Find out more in the sections below!

How to find the perfect bachata dance classes

Originally from the Dominican Republic, bachata is a dance style that has taken over the world! In the past years, we’ve seen traditional bachata develop in many different styles and the bachata global dance community has been increasing every day.

Therefore, we decided to create a list choosing the best online bachata classes according to DanceandFitness.online. A trusted portal where they already tried all the courses we are going to show you.

Depending on whether you’d like to improve your styling, attitude, or partner work, there is a variety of online dance platforms perfect to get you started.

Online Bachata Classes for Couples

Bachata online classes are a perfect way to spend more time with your friends or your significant other. A variety of international teachers offer bachata classes for dancers of all levels, even for complete beginners. Start your dance journey and join the bachata community across the world with these online classes you’ll find listed below!

Bachata Chemistry

What we like about this bachata online courses for couples is that they start from scratch. Therefore, if you’ve never danced before, Bachata Chemistry is made for you.

“An online bachata course for couples who have never danced before.” Here is our review:

1. It’s the most fun bachata online course we have tried.

2. They start teaching the basics. So it’s very easy to follow and to don’t get lost.

3. They also have intermediate classes at the end of the online course. If you did the previous lessons, you will be able to reach an intermediate level with your partner.

4. We have read reviews from real couples who already tried Bachata Chemistry online course and they are very satisfied.

Level: Beginner

Price: $$/ 5 and you have a 7-day trial.

Learn more about the online bachata course for couples ‘Bachata Chemistry + 7-day trial‘.

Estilos Unidos Dance Community. Online dance school by Ronald and Alba

One of the most versatile and complete platforms for bachata dancers of all levels. The Estilos Unidos Dance Community features beginner-friendly bachata classes taught by Juan & Nerea, as well as an intermediate course that will take you a step closer to acquiring a more advanced level, with Ronald & Alba’s professional guidance.

If your interest in dance doesn’t stop with partner work skills, this platform has in store high-quality bachata and salsa lady style, hip-hop, reggaeton, ballet, fitness, and flexibility classes, which will further improve your prospects of becoming a well-rounded dancer or performer.

Level: Intermediate and advanced

Price: $$$/ 5

Website: https://ronaldyalba.teachable.com/

Dancesurfing Academy

This dance platform was created by one of the best couples in the industry at the moment – Luís & Andrea from Spain. Offering bachata partner work and lady/men styling courses, Luís and Andrea will teach you the most important tips and tricks to become a strong and technical dancer.

Apart from teaching you all the essentials of their particular style, Luís and Andrea will make you enjoy bachata even more than you expect with their bubbly personality and great energy. Don’t hesitate to try and learn from the best of the best!

Level: Intermediate-advanced

Prie: $$$$ / 5

Website: https://www.dancesurfing.com/

Ronald & Alba’s Bachata Dance Course for couples

Ronald & Alba know what every dancer should know to be able to travel the world and share the joy of movement with other people! With their Estilo y Unidos dance course, aimed at intermediate level dancers, you will learn their typical bachata fusion style, as well as all the essentials to become a great social dancer.

Ronald & Alba are known for their amazing musicality, footwork, and energy, as well as an extraordinary fusion style that combines different dance styles so effortlessly. If you like the way they dance, join the course and learn a thing or two about bachata fusion!

Level: Intermediate

Price: $$ / 5

Online Bachata Classes for Women – Lady Style

Secrets of Lady Style by Alba Sánchez

Learn Alba’s unique style with more than 12h of classes aimed at developing a better technique, musicality, and body movement, which you’ll later apply to social dancing.

By joining this dance platform, you get access to recorded live classes, bonus review lessons, and a private group on Facebook, where you’ll get support from other students and Alba herself. These classes are perfect for intermediate dancers who want to progress their style, but beginners will also be challenged by Alba’s classes in a good way.

Honestly, this course is the best Intermediate Bachata Online Course for ladies so far, with more than 6.000 students sharing this opinion,

Level: intermediated and advanced

Price: $$ / 5

Website: https://ronaldyalba.teachable.com/

Unlock Your Sensuality: Bachata Dance Course

Kristina Mikolcic’s program already counts a large army of women with more than 8 thousand registered users working on becoming the best version of themselves! This platform includes over 30 classes, aimed at improving your dance skills, sensuality, and confidence.

By being beginner-friendly, this well-developed course will teach you how to love yourself and feel confident in your body through all sorts of body movements. If you choose this platform, you can rely on the individual support of your teacher, as well as group support of a private community on Facebook. You’ll never feel left on your own with Kristina’s support system!

Price: $$ / 5

Level: Beginner

Learn more about Unlock Your Sensuality dance course

Heels Empowerment by Sara López

Sara’s classes are not precisely bachata-oriented, but if you’re a fan of fusion styles, maybe this one will be helpful to improve your bachata lady styling as well. Heels classes are perfect to be more in sync with your femininity and feel good in your own skin.

You might have heard about Sara López, a world-famous kizomba and heels instructor who has also specialized in heels dance. Learn how to dance in heels and take your technique, musicality, and attitude to the next level. Sara’s support will definitely help you every step of the way!

Price: $$ / 5

Level: Beginner-intermediate

Website: https://saralopezweb.com/heels-empowerment-eng

USensual Club

With this platform, you get so much more than just bachata classes for women! USensual Club features a variety of instructors specialized in dance, fitness, lifestyle, fashion, and relationships, which will help you improve your life on so many levels!

Of course, bachata is an important part of uSensual Club’s offer, where you’ll receive guidance from your teacher Kristina Mikolcic to upgrade your bachata skills. Dancers like a good challenge, so feel free to try other styles available at the platform, such as chair dance, belly dance, salsa, and kizomba.

Price: $$ / 5

Level: Beginner and intermediate

Learn More about USensual Club

Boost your Style with Nora Bachatera

Nora Bachatera’s all-in-one bachata lady styling course will help you independently of your dance level. Suitable for both beginners and dancers who wish to improve their styling, her platform is divided into three main parts.

First of all, technique classes will serve as an excellent introduction to dancing and will teach you all the essentials needed to build upon your subsequent skills. Next, you’ll apply this technique to easy sequences that will prepare you for the final part, choreos that combine different levels and styles.

Level: Beginner and advance

Price: $$$$$ / 5

website: https://onlinedanceacademy.net/buy-bachata-lady-styling-with-nora-bachatera/

Best Online Bachata Classes for Men

Beyond Man Style

Ronald’s impressive style can be yours too! Find out all the tricks of this five-time world champion and upgrade your own styling to improve your dance technique and musicality.

These qualities will better your confidence when dancing, as well as enable you to achieve a deeper connection with your partner. If you have danced previously, this men’s styling course is the best option for the overall progress of your bachata skills.

Website: https://ronaldyalba.teachable.com/p/mas-alla-del-man-style

Bachata Men Styling by Junior

Learn traditional bachata with Junior, a world-famous dancer from Dominican Republic! Raised in an environment where bachata forms an essential part of the daily life, Junior will teach you styling tips you need to shine your own light and share the spotlight with your partner.

In only 6 classes, you will learn the basics, footwork, turns technique and body movement, explained in a detailed and natural way. Choose Junior if you wish to dance his typical style, bachata con sabor a pueblo!

Website: https://juniorycarolina.com/p/bachata-men-styling

Best Online Bachata Classes on YouTube

On YouTube, you can find different channels that offer free bachata classes for dancers around the world!

However, unlike the online courses that require a payment or a subscription, these classes often follow a random order and depend on your need or wishes. This fact makes you highly likely to skip videos explaining the important technique that most people find boring, which is, in fact, fundamental for every dancer.

MARIUS & ELENA Official https://www.youtube.com/c/MariusElenaOfficial

Marius & Elena’s channel offers bachata, salsa, and kizomba classes which cover dance technique, musicality, body movement, and partner work. According to the free time you have available, you can choose from shorter videos or longer workshops to work on your dancing.

Apart from steps and techniques, you can learn easy or complex figures to enrich your social dancing and be a more advanced leader. Marius and Elena have been teaching on YouTube for over 3 years, so expect a lot of free content to help you with your dance journey.

Alfonso Y Mónica Oficial https://www.youtube.com/c/AlfonsoYMonicaOficial

Alonso and Mónica are familiar faces in the world of bachata, teaching at different festivals in Spain and across the world.

On their YouTube channel, they focus on step-by-step bachata and salsa tutorials, with tips and tricks for social dancing, technique, and body movement. Mónica also provides lady styling classes and make-up tutorials for dancers. This is a lot of free and versatile content that every dancer will easily put to good use.

Bachata Dance Academy https://www.youtube.com/c/BachataDanceAcademy

Bachata Dance Academy channel is aimed at the beginner, improver, and intermediate dancers who want to focus on bachata and salsa partner work or footwork. Demetrio and Nicole will show you specific body movement drills for each style, which you’ll later perfect in the choreo combinations.

If you don’t have a lot of free time, you’ll enjoy their Bachata Minute Moves series, which provides you a quick tutorial easy to incorporate into your busy daily routine. Ladies can also enjoy Nicole’s lady styling tutorials to feel more feminine and relaxed on the dance floor.


Best way to learn bachata online

We would always encourage dancers to start from the fundamentals! A good basic, musicality, and technique will never be less important than the complex combinations most people tend to learn with more enthusiasm. For all this, we recommend the Estilos Unidos Dance Community, which offers both basic and intermediate bachata courses, as well as lady and men style classes, which will help you further with turns, body movement, and styling.

How can I learn to dance bachata online?

First of all, it’s important to decide whether your desired learning path is partner work or styling. After that, it gets easier as you go. Online classes offer a great variety of instructors that have their own unique styles, which gives you plenty of choices to find the one that is closest to the style you want to learn.

Which online bachata class is best for women?

Beginners will feel most comfortable with the classes offered at the uSensual Club and the Unlock Your Sensuality dance platforms. For ladies who have some previous dance experience, Alba’s Lady Style course will be most helpful to get you closer to more advanced levels of bachata.

Are online bachata classes really worth it?

Online bachata classes give you so many benefits when compared to regular in-person classes at a dance studio. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Time flexibility – Online dance classes fit any busy schedule and can be taken whenever it best suits your free time. No need to skip or put off work to make it in time for a dance class, go online and enjoy dancing in a more relaxed way.
  2. Variety of dance styles available – Your local dance studio might have a limited number of styles available, but on the Internet, there is an unlimited amount of international dance teachers and styles you can choose from.
  3. Learning from the best teachers in the industry – Online classes are the best solution if your favorite teacher lives in another city, country, or even continent. The internet knows no boundaries and this allows you to take classes from anyone you want.
  4. No pressure or anxiety for beginners – Every start is tough, but with online classes, you get to enjoy the initial struggle with no external factors causing unnecessary anxiety. Take the class from the comfort of your home and feel free to make mistakes, they are the best part of any dance journey.
  5. Cheaper than in-person classes – Apart from the trial periods, which are completely free, online courses tend to have a much cheaper cost than regular in-person classes. Also, you save time and money you would usually spend on transport to and fro.

Can I try these online courses for free?

Sure! Most of these courses of a free trial period, whereas others give you a full refund if you’re not happy with the chosen course. With these two options, you receive more benefits by taking an online class than an in-person one, which you have to pay for in almost 100% of the cases, independent of whether you like the class or not.