FOUR Profitable Betting Markets for Soccer Lovers

Betting on alternative soccer markets can be hugely rewarding. This article will explore different betting markets helping you find a profitable niche.

Soccer betting is fun, and it’s more fun when you place a bet on the outcome (win-draw-lose). Sadly, the traditional win-draw-lose market is not as profitable as it used to be. However, alternative markets provide you with a great opportunity to profit from your bets. In this article, we’ll explore four betting markets that if exploited can be profitable in the long-term.

Four Types of Alternative Betting Market

1. First Half Betting

First-half betting markets are offered before the game starts and exclusively cover the events of the first half of the game.

First Half Betting Markets

  1. First Half Moneyline – Decided based on the half-time scoreline.
  2. First Half Goals – The most popular FHG market is the Over/Under 0.5 Goals.
  • Over 0.5: There should be at least one or more goals scored.
  • Under 0.5: There should be no goals scored by halftime.
  • First Goal: In this market, you place a wager on the team you think will score the first goal in the first half. If you think there won’t be any goals scored by halftime you choose ZERO/NO goals.
  • First Half European Handicap: In this bet, the underdogs are given a virtual-lead by the bookmakers before the game starts. Given the advantage offered you decide which team to place your wager on.

For example, if Getafe is playing against Real Madrid and Getafe is given a +1 handicap, you’ll wager on these three possible outcomes.

  1. Real Madrid – For you to win this wager, Real Madrid will have to establish a +2 goal advantage over Getafe by the half-way line.
  2. Draw – For this wager to be successful, the first half must end with Real Madrid ahead with a single goal difference.
  3. Getafe – If the first half ends in any sort of draw or Getafe on the lead you win the wager.

That’s an overview of the first half betting strategy. Let’s head on to the second link.

2. Over/Under Bet

Over Under Bet

Over / Under bet is an exciting betting market because you only wager on the total number of goals to be scored. It’s all about whether the goals scored are below or above the lines provided by the Sportsbook.

The popular lines are usually +/- 0.5, 1.5, or 2.5.

The (+) sign means total goals scored will be above the decimal number next to it. For instance, +2.5 goals mean that there will be at least 3-goals scored in the match. Alternatively, -2.5 goals mean that there will be no more than 2-goals scored in the match.

3. Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting has three options:

Three-Way Moneyline

It involves selecting only one outcome either Team A, Team B, or a tie.

Double Chance Moneyline

It involves choosing two possible outcomes for a game, and that’s why it’s considered the safest option.

You can bet on Team A to win or draw, Team B to win or draw, or either of Team A and B to win.

However, odds for this type of bet are very low.

Draw No bet Moneyline

As the name suggests, DNB means you eliminate the odds of a draw and you pick either Team A or Team B to win. If the game ends in a draw (tie) the game becomes a push, your bet is voided, and your stake refunded.

4. Future Bets

Future bets involve predicting the outcome of a sporting event weeks or even months in advance. This betting system is popularly used in major tournament settings such as the World Cup or Euros. You wager on the team or country you believe will win the league or tournament even before a single game is played

This is by far the riskiest and profitable type of bet because of the potential profit you’ll make if you choose an unpopular team to win and they win.


Now that you’ve identified four alternative betting markets with rewarding odds, find out the one that works for you and add it to your betting strategy.