Five elements to understand for an effective narrative

Do you want to pursue your dream of being a writer? When learning to cover a good narrative, one should understand that learning is a pursuit for life. Being a novice person to the narrative world, one needs to have patience in becoming perfect. To make your story perfectly narrated, it may take a long time. Though, there’s nothing like impossible when narrating stories. A valuable step in the field of reaching an effective narrative, one should understand some elements included in it. It will help you in making your story structure strong and impressive.

When beginning to convey your story to others, be aware of the narrative flow! It’s not just writing a story using the right exclamation, vocabulary, or perfect language. Rather, an effective narrative becomes when all the elements of narrative writing are used properly with deep understanding.

When constructing a narrative story, it is the elements that play a major role. It all depends upon the usage of your elements, whether your story will be narrated impressively to the readers or not. Understanding why the narrative text is important can open the doors of being a successful narrator!

When you wish to explore all the elements which can spice up your story or become an effective narrative, just look in the fairy tales. In the stories of fairy tales, one gets a clear view of the narratives accessible all over the universe. The usage of an effective structure can be learned in the best way from fairy tales. If you’re not aware of how to use these elements into your story, then read your childhood fairy tale stories. You can also go with fables to learning about the usage of narrative writing elements. Both the short stories and novel fictions have the elements of best stories. Though, some elements can be worth using for covering an effective narrative too.

The Prose: What’s the choice of words?


In the prose element, one gets to understand the structure of a particular sentence, along with the choice of words. When deciding the prose, you need to understand whether a neutral voice will be effective, or it is a vernacular write-up that can be effective. You don’t need to go far-thinking for prose. Just make your story relevant and match the best words to describe it. In the structure of your story, don’t miss to add relevant narrator and voice, which gives volume to your story.

Theme: What’s your presentation theme?

It is one of the main elements present in an effective narrative. If you do mess with the theme, then your story is not going to be a success. With your story theme, it describes how you want the readers to think while reading your story. Being an essential story element, the theme is created in correspondence with the narrative. To portray a connection with the story elements and conditions presented in it, it is the theme that gives the readers a clear view.

Premise: What’s the location setting?

Under narrative writing, premise elements play a key role in the success or failure of a story. When talking about the premise, it includes circumstances, location, and characters. Before getting into the plot of your story, you need to be clear with the premise as a writer. In the beginners, readers want to think about a set-up that is used in your story. So, you must portray a good set-up for your story. On the premise, you need to mention a physical set-up such as a hospital, school, or other location. Along with location, there’s a need to discuss some basic information which readers should know before heading ahead with your story.

Plot: What’s the storyline?

The readers give a lot of attention to the plot when reading any story. The plot is one of the crucial parts of your structure. Don’t let the plot fade away with any silly mistake. With the plot or storyline, one gets to frame an idea about the whole story. In the plot, there is a presentation of sequential events that are used to make your story act. For a novice writer, it is good to focus attention on the plot.

Character: Who’s in your story?

Under the necessary elements for an effective narrative, the character is also a crucial element. The plot can’t be left all-alone or empty. In your story, the plot is filled with the characters which make the body of your story. Being a literary element, a writer needs to pay attention to the characters. If your story doesn’t have the characters in it, then your plot will also be void. As a result, your story will stop. So, it is crucial to frame the list of characters that will play your story. Think about the primary and secondary characters to be included in your story.

In the end, one should know that whether you’re a novice or old writer, all these elements are worth to cover the best story.