Five cool gambling trips to go on this Winter

Few things are greater than traveling as an adult. But when you add gambling to the mix, the experience is even better. Whether it is your first time and you are looking to tick it off your bucket list or you have been doing it for years, there is nothing like a good high stakes adventure, especially among friends. 

A gambling trip can provide you all the unforgettable experiences that travel is associated with but it can also allow you to let off steam so that you can return to your daily life feeling extra rejuvenated. And no matter what you might have heard; nothing beats the thrill of winning, whether you’ve won large or small.

The best gambling destinations are those that offer more than just gambling options. These destinations go to great lengths to ensure that there is a wide array of other activities, sights, and sounds that can occupy your time. The result is a holistic travel experience that you will rant and rave about for years to come.

Here are 5 cool gambling trips to go on this winter:

Las Vegas

A list of the best gambling trips to go to this winter would not be complete without Las Vegas. Although Macau has been on the rise as a gambling destination, Las Vegas still stands as king because of the experiences to be enjoyed. Simply put, nothing rivals Vegas when it comes to popularity.

Vegas caters to all types of gamblers, from high rollers to degenerates. And when compared to other gambling destinations like Macau or Monte Carlo, you are more likely to get the best bang for your bucks at a Vegas casino. Vegas offers the greatest selection of slot machines and they come in every imaginable denomination from pennies to $500 games.

If table games and poker are more your speed, you will not find any other destination that has as much variety as Vegas. It does not matter what you have a hankering for, whether bingo, Keno or horse races; Vegas has it all. And when you need a break from gambling, there are plenty of other activities to try, all you have to do is take your pick of the litter.

Atlantic City

The last few years have not particularly been kind to Atlantic City. Once known as the greatest gambling town on the east coast, several casinos have been shut down in the recent past, as a result of tough economic times. Despite the hard times, this iconic seaside town has done everything it can to reinvent itself and things are now looking up.

With historic spots such as the Boardwalk, Atlantic City first came into the limelight during the prohibition era. Sometimes referred to as the Little Vegas by the sea, the last few years have seen serious changes made in the gambling industry. The city’s 11 casinos have undergone some major upgrades from seeing a rise in celebrity restaurants to an increase in nightclubs and world-class spas.

The boardwalk boasts of some of the biggest industry names in gambling such as the Golden Nugget, Tropicana Casino and Resort, Harrah’s, Bally’s, just to mention a few. But if you are looking to spoil yourself in luxury, nothing holds a candle to the Borgata.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is home to some of the grandest and glitziest casinos that you will ever encounter. Ask any high roller where they prefer to gamble and Monte Carlo will top the list. Even though Las Vegas and Macau are now the biggest gaming destinations in the world, Monaco’s history with gambling is much longer, tracing all the way back to 1854.

Monte Carlo has a nice balance of new age and old school casinos to cater to a variety of gamblers. Two of the most popular casinos are Casino de Monte Carlo and Monte Carlo Bay casino. Of course, there are smaller, lesser-known casinos to explore but these two are synonymous with Monaco’s gambling scene.

Not only do these two hotspots provide the best entertainment, but the service is unrivaled too. A large number of tourists arrive in Monaco to enjoy the broad high rolling gambling options. As such, if you have always wanted to experience gambling with a difference, Monaco is the place to visit.

Macau, China

Macau is fighting hard to become the gambling capital of the world- and it seems to be winning. Every year, thousands arrive at its city gates. Those traveling on a budget fly while others backpack to make the pilgrimage to the Chinese mainland. The super-wealthy though, are helicoptered in.

Originally referred to as the Asian Monte Carlo, this once small territory is quickly outshining some of the best gambling destinations in the world. As a matter of fact, these days, it has more casinos per square meter than Vegas, hence the title the Las Vegas of the East. All the gaming behemoths available in the most popular American gambling cities can also be found here. 

We are talking about the likes of the Sands, MGM, Wynn, and the Venetian. During peak season, these hotspots welcome over 100,000 individuals, all of whom are looking to gamble in Macao’s unique casinos that feature interesting Chinese cultural elements. 


Aruba’s first casino was opened back in 1959. As such, Aruba has a long and illustrious history of gambling that will not fail to excite even a novice gambler. As home to dozens upon dozens of casinos, if you are going to gamble during your Caribbean vacation, there is no other better destination that comes to mind.

The casino scene in Aruba sizzles with excitement and anticipation and opportunity calls for every visitor that wants to try their hand at luck. It does not matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, everyone is welcome as long as you are willing to bet big. For the inexperienced, numerous casinos offer visitors free gaming lessons so that you can get a fair chance at winning.

Final thoughts

What’s better than a gambling vacation? It comes with all the perks of travel and casino action as a bonus. Atlantic City and Vegas may be one of the most well-known gambling destinations in the world, but cities such as Macau and Monte Carlo are quickly stepping up to join the ranks of the best gambling destinations in the world.