Feng Shui For Your Bathroom

If you’re currently trying to create positive feng shui energy in your home, chances are you’ve already found many areas for improvement in regard to the feng shui of your different rooms. A bathroom above your bedroom, a bathroom door that faces the kitchen door, or a staircase obstructing the view from the front door are only a few examples of questionable feng shui.

Why Two Facing Doors Are Considered Bad Feng Shui

The explanation for why a bathroom door facing the front door is bad is simple: Chi, the universal energy, enters the house through the front door. If the first thing it encounters is the bathroom, most of this positive energy will escape through the bathroom, leaving very little Chi flow to feed your house.

What to do to improve your feng shui if you live in a house where the bathroom door is facing the front door? Here are a few practical tips to help you counteract this potentially negative feng shui configuration.

1. Keep Your Bathroom Door Closed At All Times

This is actually a feng shui tip you should apply regardless of the positioning of your bathroom door in relationship to the front door. You will also need a good bathroom lock for when the room is in use. If you want to enjoy a powerful flow of Chi energy through your house, make sure you always keep your bathroom door closed.

2. Create Positive Feng Shui In Your Bathroom

You need to create positive feng shui everywhere in your house. Nevertheless, consider focusing more on problem areas such as the bathroom, the laundry room, the garage, and the closets.

3. Create Good Feng Shui In Your Main Entry

The main entry is an extremely important area. If you can create strong and nourishing feng shui here, your house will lose less of this vital flow through the bathroom facing your front door. Always focus on creating high-quality Chi, and do everything in your power to keep it fresh and strong. Learn how to improve the feng shui in your main entry.

4. Create A Powerful Focal Point

By creating a powerful feng shui focal point close to your main entry, you’ll help guiding the energy away from the bathroom door and toward the areas that most need it. This is a great method to nourish your entire living space. Choose a wall between the main entry and the bathroom door and paint it in a beautiful color. Also, add lush plants to attract energy and to guide it further. Learn how to create this powerful feng shui focal point in your home.

5. Strengthen The Bagua Areas Of Both Your Main Entry And Your Bathroom

The strengthening of a specific bagua area in your house will bring benefits for the entire space. This includes the problem areas such as a bathroom, a laundry room, a garage, or a closet. If you ignore these areas while creating your feng shui living space, you’ll affect your entire home in a negative manner. Even if you create good feng shui in your bedroom, kitchen or family room, your efforts won’t bring you the expected resutls, simply because the Chi can’t flow freely through your house.

Clearly, it isn’t difficult to address this challenging feng shui situation. All you need to do is to apply the tips above and wait for the results to show. Also, make a habit of thinking about attracting “good feng shui” into your home every day.