Essential LMS app features that you can’t do without

Scores of new Learning Management apps are launched every day. But, not all are successful. Only the ones that are on the mark and impeccable can ever dream of being a success. Some of the most important features that users like to see in LMS apps are- 

Easy to use

The Learning Management Systems and their apps should be easy to use by different users of the said LMS or app. The users can be trainers, trainees, administrators, and Human Resources Managers. All the users should have their logins and personalized data according to their requirements, rather than all of them having access to all data and them trying to fish out the information they need. 

Support to content formats

The Learning Management Systems and their apps should be checked beforehand if they support the required formats of the training data. All the documents, pictures, videos, audios, etc. should be supportive of the formats of the already available training content and not required to change the format every time you have to upload some content. 

Personalized learning according to already available skills

No two people are alike, and everybody has a different skill set. Anybody who already has a skill, teaching them the same is only the wastage of resources, mainly time. This requires extensive research of the skill set of the users and their interests. Also, there needs to be a hierarchy in the order of data. If all the information is available to all the users then finding relevant information from the hordes of data is tiring and time-consuming. Personalizing profiles will make this easier.

Detailed Data & analytics

The data generated during the sessions and interactions is sacred. It can be used to make relevant and strategic decisions. This calls for great quality of reports to be generated to be able to use them. The data so collected should be detailed enough to be subjectively used by the different parties for taking the relevant decisions.

Motivation tools

The Learning Management Systems need to be motivating enough to make the trainees interested to pursue training and keeping them interested during the whole time duration of the course. For this reason, trainee engagement is a must. Numerous ideas and technologies, such as gamification and even virtual reality can be embedded in the learning program to motivate the trainees.

Mobile learning accessible

Accessibility of training content over the mobile phone can increase user engagement. This happens because it is not always possible to have access to a work computer at all times when you have time for training. It is a fact that most employees do their online training while commuting to work. Making training content mobile accessible will help the employees and reward them with the ease required for training purposes. This also supports asynchronous training.

Prompt tech support

Prompt tech support is as important as a good code for your LMS software. However great your LMS is, there will always be issues, either with setting up or with the usage or with the reports produced, challenges can arise anytime. Having issues is not bad, but leaving your customers to deal with those alone and single-handedly is bad and reduces trust. In-time support of the tech team whenever required can work wonders for your image and customer relations.

Certification tracking

The trainees are getting trained and acquiring new skills. Those skills need to be acknowledged and formal substantiation of the same will not only motivate trainees for further training but also will facilitate trainers and trainees to be equipped to move forward. The generated data should be used to make realistic and achievable goals. Certificates authenticate the training. 

LMS mobile apps are the present and seem to be the future of online learning.