Eight Tips on Maintaining Your Bong and Using It

A bong offers multiple benefits. It is easy to use and can last forever when handled with care. When you find the best water bongs for sale, learn about the different techniques to clean and safely store your device. Read on to know more.

1. Replacing the Water

Replacing water in the bong on a regular basis is an important practice that every user needs to maintain. Water that sits in your bong for many days causes mold growth. When you inhale cannabis with old water, there is a high chance that you also end up inhaling the mold. This is why it is important to maintain a proper cleaning regime and use fresh and clean water every time you use a bong to enjoy a smoke.

2. Washing the Device

Regular cleaning of your bong allows you to enjoy the flavor profile of the cannabis effectively. It is also essential to prolong the life of your device. Most users recommend washing the bong once every week. The color of the water is the best indicator to signal the time for a proper clean. If your water has turned greenish-brown, it is best to get to cleaning the device without delay. If the water has turned almost black, it is time for deep cleaning the bong.

3. Deep Cleaning the Bong

Deep clean your bong when you notice resin stuck to the glass or if you believe your smoking experience has become less enjoyable and effective. To deep clean your bong, you need a solution containing 91% to 99% isopropyl alcohol, Epsom salt or rock salt, dish soap, and a pipe cleaner.

4. Deep Cleaning with Alcohol and Salt

Start the deep cleaning process by placing all the pieces into a Ziploc bag or any container. Pour the alcohol solution into the bag until all the parts are immersed. Gently shake the bag and allow the parts to soak for about 30 minutes. After soaking, use a pipe cleaner or any brush to scrub off the stains gently. Rinse thoroughly with soap water and repeat the same with plain water. Use a paper towel to dry the device.

5. Deep Cleaning with Vinegar and Baking Soda

Isopropyl alcohol is highly flammable and must be handled carefully. Alternatively, you can also use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. The approach is practical but may take a little longer to work well (additional soaking time is needed).

6. Avoid Scratches and Breakage

Even the best water bongs for sale can look bad with scratches. And it is no easy task to remove scratches from glass. To prevent scratches on the bottom part, you can use a bong pad. While traveling with the bong, pack the device in a padded container or a strong container. Proper storage at home and while traveling helps prevent breakage. While using the bong, place it on a solid table and avoid tasks that can probably knock the device off.

7. Use Filtered Water

The use of unfiltered water can cause stains in your bong. The stains may be due to the mineral content in the water and are hard to remove. Therefore, it is recommended to use clean and filtered water every time while using a bong.

8. Use the Best Cleaning Products

Commercial bong cleaning solutions and scrubs are available in some stores that offer good-quality water bongs for sale. Ensure the products you use are 100% safe for the device and do not interfere with your smoking experience.

A Final Word

Your work does not end when you find the best water bongs on sale. To enjoy the benefits of bongs, you must spend some time and clean the bong with patience. Remember that a clean bong looks good and enhances your experience. Read this guide published by Slyng.com labeled “best bongs of 2022” to find out what kind of bongs there are and which type of bong is right for you.