Every now and then we all love traveling and when we do so we prepare-or at least we have to do so-as well as possible. Well, buying some new suitcases to replace those old filthy ones is one step. Packaging the right clothes and booking all the nice plane seats and city hotels is another one. But you wish that it were all. There are loads and loads of things to bear in mind whileor better before venturing on our next vacation that we would probably need dozens of articles to analyze them all appropriately. For now, we will just talk about how you are supposed to choose the ideal diner and more specifically the best restaurants in Athens, Greece.


Firsts things first, we have to bear in mind that we are going through an era in which quality levels are at their bottom end so as to make more and more profit even if we are talking about pennies per day. Thus, you must be more than aware that if you happen to come across a real restaurant with delicious dishes all the way down the menu, then that is one that you should go for more often than not. You see the truth is thatsuch diners are more than scarce these days, but only through tasting will you ever come to realize the top ones. That is to say, no matter how many kind friends recommend a place, your mouth will the one to spread the word. Otherwise, you will never know for sure.


Let’s be sensible for once. It goes without saying that a tasty lunch or dinner out will certainly be remembered for some time to come, but only if it is within our budget. In other words, if we were ready to cry when the waitress brought the bill since we had to pay an arm and a leg for a couple of dishes then the place as a whole will never leave us with the taste it meant to. Even if we loved that caviar pie or the crab salad, we were served what is the point if we will not be able to afford it again any time soon? It will be a dream that became true only once, won’t it? Thus, we must be careful about rates in order not to find ourselves in the most embarrassing situation of not being able to pay the bill and ask our girlfriend’s…help!


Out of a hundred or something choices we have spotted that one. The restaurant is located downtown the city of Athens and you cannot miss it since its fame surpasses the country’s borders and all taxi drivers are familiar with the area if you are afraid to trust your navigation system. Its menu includes extraordinary delicacies that seem as if they were prepared for your eyes and taste only. Thanks to their elegance and garniture they make you think they are out of this world. It does not come cheap, but it is not overpriced either. It is said to the best of the best according to travelers’ and customers’ reviews. Why not giving it a try during your next travel to the capital of Greece?


This restaurant cannot be blamed for a false or tricky name. It will fulfill all the promises it has made. There, you…wear your seat belts and get ready to fly. It is true that you are served on air while telling jokes with your company around a rectangular table. It is a whole new experience that you are not about to live anywhere else in Greece? It includes Mediterranean, European and Greek cuisine so it will be hard not to find the ideal dishes for you. So, if my opinion counts, I reckon that you must visit this place the sooner the better and appreciate an…airy meal!!