Dual Citizen Moving Back to Canada

Canada is a wonderful country to live in, but people travel around the world for many purposes; some of them stay in different countries for a long while, and some just keep traveling. But a homeland is always a homeland. There are numerous benefits that Canada provides to the dual citizen for returning to their country, for instance, security, public services, independence, living with family or meeting friends, etc. Some may find peace through natural beauty like forests, lakes, mountains, etc. Here, the main reasons for moving back to Canada are explained.

Reasons of Dual Citizen moving back to Canada

Dual citizens are certainly getting some benefits for moving back to Canada. Hence, we discussed some reasons why Canadian citizen returning to Canada after a long absence.

  • Expiration of overseas employment contract
  • To support family such as look after elderly or children
  • Moving back to the old life
  • Get much better health care support
  • For better life standard in Canada
  • For raising child in Canadian society
  • Mental support
  • Emotional issues

Who are eligible to move back to Canada?

After acknowledging the reasons behind moving back to Canada, you must know who is eligible to move back to Canada after a long break. Here, some of the groups are mentioned.

1. Family

This group is considered the largest group among all who want to move back to Canada. There are multiple purposes, this group upholds: pursuing better education for children or getting better health care. Most of them are usually from politically unrest areas. However, the teenagers face a bit of difficulty adapting to the new environment.

2. Career Goal

Living outside of the homeland and finding a favorable job is not an easy deal. The next group is about those people who moved from Canada and tried along for a better job in a different country but failed. However, they intend to come back to get a better opportunity where they find promising supports from the homeland as well as family demand’s support. The young people can easily cope up with the new environment and get a progressive career field to involve with.

3. Chance Takers

Some see Canada as a Safe Heaven than another country. Most of them suffer from professional or personal difficulties in foreign countries. You can see them seeking refuge to overcome financial crisis due to job loss, death of spouse, divorce. So, moving back to Canada can be considered as a scope of rebuilding or re-treating one’s soul and psychology.

4. Looking for Stability

People in this group are very few but seek stability. Usually, they are well-organized about their personal life and future goal. They know the better place to live in Canada. While living abroad, they compare the living standard between their homeland and a foreign country and rely on the best outcomes. Based on that, they take decisions and move back to Canada.

5. Healthy Life

People who want an ideal place for personal development, choose no other country than Canada. This kind of decision requires several planning, analysis, and intuition to get the right future. They become happy wherever they can move to Canada.

Challenges that Dual Citizen can face while moving back to Canada

The dual citizens may find challenges while moving back to Canada. Cultural shock is one of the vital facts for people who are new in Canada like your foreign spouse or child born in a different country. Some fear of logistic support while moving back or some fear of settling a new life in a different place after a long while.

  • Cultural shock for your foreign spouse or child raised in a different nation
  • You partner’s career
  • Finding better housing and schooling
  • Communication and networking with surroundings
  • Languages for your foreign partners
  • Coping up with changed policies and regulations

Permission to Things that You can take with you while moving back to Canada

If you are sure about moving to Canada, you may take some gifts for your beloved ones who live in Canada. Before packaging, you must check the list that you are permitted to bring with you.

1. Beverages

It is a common and significant gift to give somebody while visiting their place. But you can take up to 1500 ml of alcoholic (wine) beverages on your journey to Canada. You can also take the large standard size bottle of 355 ml (beer cans) with you.

2. Cash

It is a vital element while moving into different countries. Canada does not hold any restriction over carrying cash. So you can take any amount. But you must inform the Canadian border services agency while you carry more than CAN $10000 or the same amount of foreign currency.

3. Jewelry

To carry your jewelry while moving back to Canada, you must have an appraisal report from a reputed Canadian gemologist. In this report, you have the proof of ownership and the price of your jewelry.

4. Tobacco

If you are an adult, you do not have to face restrictions in carrying tobacco with you while traveling into Canada. But there is a limit like as: you can carry 200 cigarettes/ 50 cigars/ 200 g tobacco powder and 200 tobacco sticks.

Last Notes

Moving back to Canada after a long absence, you must consider the probability of aspects in your upcoming life. Moving to a different country is exciting, but the second is stage is quite challenging. But if you are smart enough, the second challenge is nothing. The last stage is to settle down and renew the home.