Draw Shot Vs. Fade Shot: What is the Difference and How to Play Them?

Golf is one of the most widely played sports around the world. With the evolution of the sport, new tricks and shots have been introduced, such as draw shots, fade shots, punch shots, and normal ones. The golfer needs to hit the ball with the help of clubs. They aim to put the ball in the pot or holes around the golf course.

If one is a beginner at golfing, they might feel overwhelmed hearing these terms for the first time. Well, do not worry! This article talks about golf draw vs fade comparison and will help one have a clear idea about both of them. Read on to learn how to play these shots.

What is a Draw Shot?

A draw is a golf shot played with a slight spin to the ball. The clubface is somewhat close to the swing path to playing this shot. As a result, the ball goes a little right to left.

To hit a draw shot successfully, one needs to follow these steps precisely:

  • First, one needs to aim at the target using the clubface. One can open the clubface slightly for that.
  • Then, they must stand in a position. When they stand, a line will be made from the back foot to the front foot. That must be pointing left towards the target.
  • Now, all they need to do is swing the clubface along the path of their body. They must swing so that the clubface is aimed directly toward the target to create an impact.

That is how one can hit a draw shot. Just a bit of practice, and you are good to go.

What is a Fade Shot?

A fade shot is the opposite of a draw shot. The ball goes from left to right when one hits it in this shot. Explaining a fade shot is quite tricky. Follow the below-mentioned steps to hit the fade shot precisely:

  • Aim at the target using the clubface. Keep the clubface slightly closed concerning the target.
  • Now, face towards the target. Try to create a posture in which a line created from the right toe to the left toe is slightly in a left direction aiming for the target.
  • Next, swing following the body’s direction, keeping the clubface pointing towards the goal at contact.

That’s how one can hit a fade shot precisely. It is always recommended to keep on practicing the shot to master it.

Draw Shot vs. Fade Shot

To get a close view regarding the golf draw vs fade shot, one can differentiate using the following pointers:

  • The direction of impact – In the fade shot, the ball goes from left to right, while in the draw shot, the ball goes from right to left.
  • Body posture – In the fade shot, a line is created from the right toe to the left toe, which is in the left direction to the target, while in the draw shot, the line is created from the back foot to the front foot which is in left to the direction.

Final Word

At times, golfers use their natural swing to determine the type of shot they must place. They often get confused between a fade shot and a draw shot. However, with the right guidance and practice, one can play both shots perfectly. This is all one must know about the fade shot and draw shot. To gain further understanding, you can also refer to various blogs dedicated to golf online. Keep practicing these shots with the help of the steps given above. With practice, one will certainly be able to ace them.