Do’s and Don’ts to Keep in Mind When Traveling Europe

Europe is a continent filled with a diverse range of countries that all have something different to offer. From France to Germany, to Hungary, the Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Austria, and everywhere else in between, it’s an adventure waiting to happen with tons of different things to see and do, history to learn about, and cultures to explore. Before traveling through Europe, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind to ensure that you have the best experience.

Do: Research the Weather

European weather can be very diverse depending on where on the continent you want to go. Southern European countries like Portugal and Spain may be very mild throughout the fall and even into the early winter months, while Central European countries like Germany and Hungary are likely going to be somewhere that you’ll want to wrap up warm and make sure that you have your hat and scarf with you.

Do: Travel Off-Peak

Most of Europe gets very busy and very expensive throughout the height of summer, so if you are looking to save money, it’s a good idea to book your travel off-peak. Not only will you usually benefit from cheaper flights and accommodation, but many tourist attractions will have lower prices during the off-season and there won’t be as long a queue to get in. You can also often get better deals on train services and other inter-rail European trains when there’s lower tourist demand. Late spring and early Autumn are ideal times to travel to still get good weather.

Don’t: Skip the Research

Depending on where you visit in Europe you are likely to have a very different experience. It’s important to spend some time researching where you want to travel so that you know what to expect once you are there and key facts such as the language spoken and the currency used. Certain European countries are not in the EU and do not use the Euro, including the UK, Norway, Sweden, and others.

Don’t: Overspend

Tourist traps are everywhere and sadly Europe is no stranger to them. While some countries and cities are more likely to have tourist traps and scams than others, it’s important to have your wits about you and always double-check before booking transport, getting a taxi to your destination or booking a tour with a guide from the street. Wherever possible, book your tickets online at so that you can be sure that you are getting them at the best price from the official provider.

Do: Take Plenty of Time:

Last but not least – Europe is huge, and it offers a lot of gems to explore. So, for your European adventure make sure that you take plenty of time to see everything you want to see and put together a solid plan for your trip. For example, you can start with glorious Czechia’s capital, the charming city of Prague, famous for its amazing castles and majestic cathedrals. Afterward, why not take a Prague to Vienna train to explore the City of Music and try the world-famous Mozartkugeln. And why not continue to charming Germany or lively Hungary, or go beyond Central Europe and travel to mysterious Albania? See, the possibilities are endless when it comes to a European vacation, and seeing everything there is to see will take quite some time.

With so many countries to see, cities to explore, and things to do, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind for a fantastic European trip.