Do You Need To Get Your House Inspected Before Listing For Sale?

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Home sellers sometimes question the point of conducting a home inspection before they list their properties for sale. In case you are unaware, a pre inspection does you a lot of good as a seller. It saves you from the trauma that may result from unwanted surprises when a buyer eventually carries out their own inspection.

Here are reasons why pre inspection is a good idea:

  1. A pre-inspection saves you from the prospect of losing a sale: No home is perfect and anytime a home is inspected one or more defects that are threatening to make a sale will be discovered. By carrying out a pre inspection, the seller will be able to carry out any repairs needed to keep the property in good condition and add this cost to the property’s final price. This also allows you to sell the property as profitably as you can.
  2. Carrying out a pre listing inspection presents the seller as trustworthy, a trait that is largely lacking in today’s business transactions. By going the extra mile of carrying out a pre inspection, the buyer sees you as someone who cares about their welfare and not someone who wants to dump a bad property on their lap while milking them off their hard earned money.

Doing this alone can build confidence in the potential buyer about dealing with you making the transaction hitch-free.

  1. With a pre inspection the seller is able to fix and repair problems the potential buyer will eventually want repaired. This protects you from being renegotiated to a lower price by the buyer.

Another ripple effect is your property is likely to sell faster if due to the inspection your property is in a least problematic condition

  1. A pre inspection shows you are upfront and open about the condition of the house. By informing the potential buyer of the issues discovered during inspection you are protecting yourself against possible litigation that may arise in the future if the buyer says you sold them a badly shaped property without their awareness.
  2. Home Inspection makes the selling process so much easier. Instead of worrying and being anxious about what the buyer would discover during a home inspection requested by him and how this is likely to affect the sale.

A pre listing affords you the opportunity to rise to the occasion discovering and fixing the problem earlier. By getting a pre listing inspection, you can feel much more confident about your home’s current condition.

The only downside to carrying out a pre listing inspection is the risk of hiring an inspector, who in his rush to quickly get the job done, failed to bring all visible defects to your attention. In the end. This may result in the buyer renegotiating the deal or completely cancelling the purchase. Asides that, it is highly recommended for you, the seller, to get an inspection before putting your property up for sale.