Do Taxi Drivers have to Issue Complete Invoices?

When we make a long trip we usually choose to go by train or plane to make the travel time shorter or not have to drive so many hours. This makes us consider paying a taxi to take us to the airport or the train station. According to a 2012 INE study, there are some 70,000 taxi licenses in Spain. This makes us touch a taxi for 600 people. If we want to reach our destination safely, we can book a taxi liverpool anytime. To make the payment for the journey, we must wait until we reach our destination and the meter stops. Thanks to him, the passenger knows what he has to pay for the trip.

When paying, the taxi driver may or may not give us a bill. Normally those who usually request an invoice are those who have to justify the expense to a company. In these cases, the taxi driver can issue a simplified invoice, which came to replace the tickets, as stated in the corresponding regulations. Unless the client expressly requests that they want a complete invoice to be able to deduct VAT. In this case, you must include the customer’s data so that he can pay this VAT.

The Advantages of the Taxi Receipt Sheet

There are some advantages that you will get once you have a taxi receipt worksheet. Here are some of its benefits!

  • Simple and informative. A taxi receipt can contain a simple layout that both parties can easily understand. Also, it is informative. It requires useful information for customers, such as date, name, from, to, $, driver, taxi and many others.

  • Payment details. For your client, a taxi receipt will be useful to inform her about the billing of the payment. Therefore, he could give you, a taxi driver, adequate cash. However, this receipt can also be useful as proof of payment provided by a driver.

  • Practical. By having a taxi receipt, you don’t have to create it every time you have a customer. It’s practical. Also, it could save you time and energy. Finally, a receipt template tends to have an automatic calculation design.

Finally, a sample taxi receipt template is a useful design to help you serve your customers well. Download the taxi receipt for free on our website. Next, we are going to see how the invoice for this profession is issued, the taxi drivers.

Tax Obligations of Taxi Drivers

Like any professional, you have to pay taxes. Regarding personal income tax, they can choose several ways to pay it: normal direct estimation, simplified direct estimation and estimation by modules (objective).

This last mode is precisely the one chosen by the majority of taxi drivers. The advantage of paying by modules is that actual billing is not used. A series of estimates and deductions are used to calculate the tax base. In such a way that its application significantly reduces the invoice with the Treasury.

Likewise, they must register as self-employed and pay the monthly fee. And of course, you have to submit the VAT to the Treasury quarterly. You can choose between two regimes: the simplified or the general.

In the simplified one, the VAT fee to be entered will depend on the modules. It will include the minimum fee, the staff employed, a quarterly payment on account and an annual fee. Likewise, forms 391 (annual summary) and 310 (will be delivered every three months) will be presented to the Treasury.

While the general will be the result of the difference between the VAT charged to customers and that borne when paying suppliers. Models 303 will be presented for the self-assessment of VAT and model 390 for the annual summary.

On the other hand, taxi drivers are obliged to keep and keep the Record Book of Economic Operations. In it, all your income, expenses and assets related to the activity must be recorded.  Be sure to check out free invoice generator and receipt maker as well.

Template for Invoice Generation and Registration

Discover this super template with which you can generate all your administrative documents: invoices, estimates, delivery notes, rectification of invoices and proforma invoices. Store all your documents in the same template and retrieve the information when you need it. It contains a navigation menu that will make it very easy to use. This template will save you a lot of time since you will be able to save the documents that you generate, consult them or modify them. Includes buttons so you can easily save the information. This template generates the numbers automatically and is ready to print. It contains a dashboard so you can check the amounts invoiced. You will be able to see the broken-down taxes being of great help for the accounting of your company. It contains an additional template suitable for those companies that are governed by the regime.