Discover the Best Boot Dryer for Your Needs

There are countless boot dryers on the market today. From basic to elaborate, you can easily become confused when looking for one to try out.

In this article, we’ll help you discover which boot dryer is the best boot dryer on the market. The Everlasting Comfort Heavy-Duty Boot Dryer checks all of the boxes, and we’ll discuss why.

Optional Heat Switch

The Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer contains an optional heat switch that allows to regulate whether the dryer uses heat to dry, or simply ambient forced air.

This allows the user to quickly dry out their favorite boots if they’re in a pinch and need to get their boots dry quickly. The heat allows water to quick evaporate and leaves you with warm dry boots in no time at all.

The cool air option is better suited for delicate shoes and boots, while taking a tad longer, you can rest assured knowing that your shoes will dry safely without any adverse effects from heat.

This feature alone is hard to find in conventional boot dryers, and it’s one that sets the Heavy-Duty Boot Dryer apart from the competition.

Auto Shut-Off Timer

Each Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer is equipped with a timer that allows to set the duration of drying time the boot dryer will use. Ranging from 30 minutes to 180 minutes, the user can customize how long it runs based on how wet the boots are.

This benefit allows the user to set it and forget it, without having to worry that the boot dryer will run all night and possibly damage their boots or create a safety hazard.

Built-In Deodorizer

Users never have to worry about stinky, musty wet boots again with the Everlasting Comfort Heavy-Duty Boot Dryer because they are built standard with a deodorizer.

Using ozone technology, which destroys odor creating molecules, the boot dryer’s forced air blows the ozone throughout the boot, leaving the user with dry, odor free boots.

This feature is one that conventional boot dryers do not possess, and alone makes it a step above other boot dryers on the market.

Adjustable Drying Angles

Not all boots are designed the same, with the Boot Dryer from Everlasting Comfort, you have adjustable drying angle setting on the ends of the drying posts.

This creates the ability to adjust the angle at which the air is forced into the boot based on the design, as well as allows the user to change angles as the boot dries to really be sure the entire boot is dry by the time you need to put them back on.

With this feature, you’ll be able dry everything from your running shoes to your hiking boots with confidence.

Shoe and Helmet Attachments

The Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer isn’t limited to just boots. With the included attachments for helmets and shoes, you can make sure your whole outfit is ready to get back in the outdoors when you are.

If you’ve got soaked shoes, slip them on the attachment and quickly dry them out. If you’ve been on the slopes skiing all day and your helmet is wet, they’ve got you covered there too. Hang the helmet on the post and turn it on, and you’ll be ready to get back out there, dry and warm.

Multi-Garment Attachment

With four posts for drying, you can simultaneously dry your boots and gloves at the same time. When you need to get back outside quickly, throw them on and fire it up and you’ll quickly have everything you need to rock and roll.

This is a great feature for those who work or play outside and need to get everything dry for the next outing whether it be after lunch or the next day.

Fast Drying System

Last but not least, the Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer works FAST. In a face-paced world, you need to be ready to get back out there as soon as you can. The quick action of this heavy-duty boot dryer ensures you’ll never be left behind because your equipment is wet.

Throw it on and let the boot dryer work its magic. Your friends will be jealous when you’re back in action with warm and dry boots.


It’s relatively clear that the Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer is the best option on the market for users who demand the best out of their equipment.

Give it a try, we know that you won’t be disappointed with the quick drying action.