Discover The Array Of Environmental And Health Benefits When You Grow Your Own Food

The global pandemic, the Russian war, and even the financial crisis of 2008 have all helped to put finances into focus. In short, for many people having enough money to feed themselves and their families is not a given. It’s not surprising that more people are turning to self-sufficiency.

The good thing is you don’t need a lot of space to start growing your own food. Simply concentrate on the food you will actually eat and invest in the right equipment to get started.

It should be noted that spades and forks are effective in soft soil. But, if you want to create holes in rocky soil you may wish to invest in some quality rock augers. They will make life easier.

You’ll also appreciate the fact there are several environmental and health benefits to growing your own food.


Experts recommend that people exercise for 150 minutes a week at a moderate level. When you hear the word exercise you probably think of running, hitting the gym, or something similar. However, gardening is a good way to exercise. You need to lift, carry, bend, dig, and walk around a lot. During this, your heart rate will be elevated and that counts as exercise.

Positive Attitude

Being outside all the time means you will enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air. This can help you to develop a positive attitude toward everything in your life.

In addition, you’ll feel great when your first vegetables or fruit start to appear. It’s a very satisfying feeling. Alongside this, you’ll develop more interest in healthy foods simply because you’re growing them. That’s good for your overall health.

Fewer Pesticides

Although there are plenty of organic and natural foods on the market, they are generally more expensive, making the other options popular. These are often farmed with pesticides and other chemicals to ensure they grow well.

Unfortunately, these chemicals can damage the environment, animals, and even be detrimental to human health.

Growing food at home means you won’t be contributing to this environmental damage. The more people that home grow the better for the environment.

Of course, you are also less likely to waste food you’ve grown yourself, reducing waste. That’s also good for the environment.

Alongside this, when you grow your food at home there is no need to package it. As packaging can be extremely harmful to the environment, every piece of fruit or veg you grow at home instead of buying is saving the environment.

Better Bonds

You’ll find that partners and children quickly develop an interest in what you are doing and want to watch or even help in the garden. This makes gardening a great way to educate your children and improve your bonds as a family.

This is a great advantage of growing your own food as better bonds equate to a happy family. That makes it easier for everyone to have a balanced, patient, and positive approach to life. That’s good for everyone involved.