Depression in Children: What Parents Must Know


Depression is a typical mood disorder that causes a person to feel hopeless, irritable, or sad. It often affects appetite, sleep, or relationship with friends or family. Also, depression can cause an individual to suddenly lose interest in activities that they once enjoyed. A severe form of depression can even cause a child to start having suicidal thoughts. But aside from depression in children, depression in the elderly is also on the rise. That is why people should have enough understanding of the severity of this mental disorder to prevent worst-case scenarios.

If symptoms persist for two weeks or more, you should take your child to a top mental health Kentucky residents trust. Note that the only people allowed to evaluate, diagnose, and treat depression are psychiatrists Louisville ky. Although there is no denying the seriousness of the condition, depression is treatable. You just need to ensure you have identified it early as this can make the treatment a lot is easier.

How Do I Know that My Child Has Depression?

There are certain signs that you will see when your child is depressed. They include the following:

  • Bad or sad mood:If your child seems lonely, unhappy, sad, or grouchy, they are prime candidates for depression. This can last several weeks to a couple of months. A child tends to cry more easily and usually has more tantrums compared to before.
  • Being Self-Critical-One of the main signs of depressed children is that they tend to complain a lot. They are always negative. They will complain of not being able to do anything, not having friends, and always saying that an activity is too hard for them.
  • Lack of Effort and Energy-Depression is energy-sapping and can make your child weak. Your child might work less hard at school than before. Kids seem tired and tend to give up easily even before trying. Even doing a simple task feels like too much to ask.
  • They Find Things Unenjoyable– You will realize that your child doesn’t have fun playing the way they did before. A child may seem uninterested in doing the things they previously loved.
  • Changes in sleep and eating-Your child doesn’t sleep well or appear tired if they sleep for long. Some dislike eating while others seem to overeat.
  • Aches and Pains– Depressed children may have stomach pains and other pains. Some even stay absent from school because they feel unwell though not necessarily sick.

What Causes Child Depression?

Depression in children is caused by different factors, and there is no known single cause.

Different things can lead to depression. There is no single cause. Some children have genes that make them more sensitive to depression. They may have other family members who have been depressed. Some result from facing loss, hardships, and traumas. Some children experience depression after going through life-threatening conditions. The above can lead t grief or sadness., and also depression.

Giving them support during the hard times and thereafter is critical in protecting them from depression. Support can also reduce the effects of depression. But support alone cannot cushion children from getting depressed. Professional therapy from a reputable mental health Kentucky institution can help them feel better and heal. They will soon be able to enjoy the things they used to love.

What Is the Therapy for Child Depression

Child depression can be treated effectively using CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It can be administered by qualifies therapists Louisville ky or therapists, who make children feel supported and welcome. They encourage children to talk about the things they think and feel. These experts may use sessions, play, workbooks, or stories. These tools help children relax and get the maximum benefits of CBT. Where possible, parents should be included in the therapy of their children.

If a therapist finds that a child recently went through trauma or loss, they will include things that help them heal from these events in the therapy. And if it is the parent that is trying to deal with their depression or loss, the child’s therapist will help give them get the support and care they need.

What to Do if you Think your Child Is Depressed

There are many things you can do if you suspect your child has depression. They include the following:

  • Talk about depression and sadness with your child

Kids are not like adults, so they may find it hard to understand the cause of their being sad. Let them know that you understand that they are going through a rough patch and that you are ready to extend a helping hand. Listen, provide support, and comfort them. Most importantly, show them some love.

  • Seek the help of your child’s doctor

Talk to your doctor and find out if bad or sad moods have refused to go away for weeks. A sad or bad mood does not by itself mean that your child has depression. If you have seen changes in their sleep, energy, effort, or eating, let the doctor know. Also, tell the doctor if the child is recovering from a loss, hardship, o stress.

The doctor will then do an exam to know the root of the cause of the symptoms that your child is going through. They will also check if a child has depression. The doctor might refer you to some of the best psychiatrists Louisville ky has, or their office might have a therapist specializing in helping children.

  • Visit a Child Therapist

A mental health Kentucky doctor will talk with your child in a bid to help them heal. They will do a thorough check to establish if your child has depression. They do this by asking questions and listening.

If the therapist suggests a few visits more, make sure you take your child. Therapy may take time, but the fruits of it will be seen along the way.

  • Be patient and kind.

Depression can be hard on most parents. When your child acts difficult or moody, try to be patient. Ask your child’s therapist about how to handle a difficult child. Often, this helps you connect with your child better, after which you can guide them to behave better.


Dealing with a depressed child is no fun. These children can be difficult to handle. You must understand depression and how to deal with children. To be sure your child is depressed, make sure you talk to a qualified therapist from a top mental health Kentucky institution. Recovery is a long journey and patience will be key. However, with time, your child will be well and live a normal life.