Dallas, TX Energy Efficient Home Improvement idea you should consider in 2023

When you’re working to sell a Dallas, Texas home quickly, one of the selling points is the ongoing costs of the home. If you can show your potential buyers that the heating, cooling, and other utility bills are low for your home, you’re going to get their interest, since everyone wants those bills to be lower. Luckily, some small changes to your home for sale can really make a difference in how much energy you use. Here are a few of them.

Note Your South Facing Windows and Benefit in the Winter

Some of the best sunshine comes in through the South-facing windows, and if you keep the blinds up and the sunshine pouring in during the winter, you can actually heat your home less. Energy-efficient homes tend to take advantage of the presence of south-facing windows and capture heat. During the summer, make sure you have good insulating curtains up to keep these rooms from fighting your air conditioner by bringing in heat that you don’t want.

As Needed, Replace Appliances with Energy Star Certified Ones

Energy Star is a certification that offers clarity when it comes to picking appliances that won’t waste energy. When a dishwasher, hot water heater, or clothes washer needs to be replaced anyway, aim for one with an Energy Star designation so that you know that you’ll be seeing a lower water bill or electricity bill down the road. Share these distinctions with potential buyers so they know that their future appliances won’t create a high bill.

Audit Doors and Windows for Drafts and Add Weatherstripping

Heating and air conditioning the area around your house is not the goal, so make sure you know exactly where the drafts are in your home and fix them. On a particularly cool day or hot day, audit each door and window by seeing if you feel any jets of cool or hot air coming in: adding new weather stripping and making sure all windows and doors fit their jambs snuggly can avoid pouring cool or hot air out into the environment, wasting your money.

Replace Old Single-Pane Windows

Thicker, multi-pane windows can trap warmth and cool air better than single-pane winodws, so replacing your old windows can help you to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter for less money. Replacing windows can also make your rooms look nice and modern, a good perk.

Adjust Thermostat and Close Off Unused Space From HVAC

One of the biggest impacts you can have on your electricity bills is just adjusting the thermostat: whether you make it a little warmer in the summer or a little cooler in the winter, every degree counts. Even better, install a motion-sensing thermostat that automatically lets the place get cooler or warmer when no one is around, using less energy. Finally, if you have a large home, considering shutting off certain parts of the home from HVAC entirely – if you have a rarely-used guest room, close the vent and cover it, close the door and block the bottom of the door, and let that room get warm/cool based on the outside temperature. It’s like heating and cooling that much less of a house.