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Up to 90% of all women will develop cellulite in some part of their body at some point in their lives. Diet and exercise by themselves are ineffective in removing these lumpy, fatty deposits. Until recently, the only way to restore smooth, taut skin was to undergo a surgical treatment, which was both painful and time-consuming. CoolSculpting is a revolutionary, cutting-edge therapy that helps you get rid of those unsightly fat deposits without the downtime of a more intrusive surgery. Cryolipolysis, a process that uses extremely cold temperatures to destroy fat cells, is used in CoolSculpting. During the treatment, the surrounding, healthy tissues are untouched, and the patient is perfectly safe. The body will gradually digest the lifeless cells in the weeks following a CoolSculpting procedure.

The abdomen (Muffin Top), flanks (Love Handles), upper back (Bra Rolls), lower back, arms, double chin, and male breasts can all be treated with this procedure. Each CoolSculpting treatment can target a specific target area thanks to the six variable size applicators available.

Ideal CoolSculpting Candidate in Dubai

The final CoolSculpting results are not visible right away. The complete effects of a CoolSculpting procedure might be seen after roughly 16 weeks. So, is considered coolsculpting in Dubai, is a popular freezing treatment. 

Anyone who is annoyed with persistent fat in their arms, legs, double chin, or trunk may benefit from CoolSculpting. Patients should be in reasonably excellent health, have a basic understanding of the CoolSculpting procedure, and have realistic expectations for the results. CoolSculpting is suitable for men and women of all ethnicities and skin types. However, the technique is not a substitute for weight loss. The ideal applicant will have bulging fat pockets that are resistant to diet and exercise.

A consultation with one of our CoolSculpting Specialists will be scheduled prior to scheduling a CoolSculpting treatment. We will conduct a quick physical examination and discuss the individual’s aesthetic requirements at this time. A custom treatment plan will be prepared if CoolSculpting is determined to be the best technique to attain the desired results. To achieve optimum physical rejuvenation, our beauty specialists can also prescribe complimentary surgical and noninvasive procedures.

CoolSculpting is a procedure that involves freezing fat cells

  • While receiving CoolSculpting treatment at our Dubai office, patients can comfortably watch their favorite shows.
  • While receiving CoolSculpting treatment at our Dubai office, patients can comfortably watch their favorite shows.

Is performed in a private, comfortable procedure room at Mirror Mirror. The provider will start by determining the precise location that has to be treated. On either side of the treatment area, two CoolSculpting paddles are positioned. The skin is softly lifted up between the applicators using gentle suction. After then, the paddles will begin to cold, remaining in place for 35-45 minutes (depending on treatment).

Because CoolSculpting procedures are non-painful, no anaesthetic is required. A deep chilly and moderate pulling feeling will occur as the operation begins, however this will only last a few moments until the area becomes numb. At Mirror Mirror, we go above and beyond to ensure that our patients are as comfortable as possible during their treatment. Patients can relax enough to have a cup of coffee, talk on the phone, surf the Internet, or even take a brief nap while waiting for the treatment to finish.

Each CoolSculpting treatment lasts 35-45 minutes and targets one area (depending on treatment). Mirror Mirror is one of Dubai’s only cosmetic providers with three or more CoolSculpting devices. Two locations, such as both upper arms and both flanks, can be treated at the same time. A more efficient and worthwhile method is one that provides twice the treatment in half the time.

Recovery from CoolSculpting

Patients are allowed to resume their daily activities once the operation is completed. Work, education, and even physical activity can all be resumed right away. Mild redness, swelling, and bruising may occur at first, but these will subside over the next few weeks. Itching and discomfort are normal, although they usually go away fast. CoolSculpting has a low risk of side effects. The treatment has no side effects on the surrounding tissue or skin.

Dubai Coolsculpting

The procedure’s full results are not immediately apparent. The excess fatty tissue will take two to four months for the body to digest fully. The final CoolSculpting results are not visible right away. The complete effects of a CoolSculpting procedure might be seen after roughly 16 weeks. Excess fatty tissue will take two to four months for the body to reabsorb.

Other patches of fatty tissue, on the other hand, may still develop. Patients should eat a nutritious diet and exercise on a regular basis to maintain their outcomes.

Contact our Dubai office at to learn more about the CoolSculpting process or to schedule a private consultation. Our knowledgeable patient coordinators can walk you through the procedure and answer any questions you may have. Whether you’re coming from outside the Dubai area, let your patient coordinator know if you’ll need help with travel arrangements or lodging.


Frequently Asked Questions about CoolSculpting in Dubai

What is CoolSculpting and how does it work?

Is a noninvasive surgery for removing unwanted fat and fatty tissue from the body? Cryolipolysis (concentrated freezing temperatures) is used in this method to target and kill fat cells, minimizing the appearance of fat and bulges. For rapid fat loss, fat freezing in Dubai is considered as one of the best options.

What is CoolSculpting and how does it work?

Extreme cold temperatures will be delivered to the target area by the CoolSculpting applicators. The fat cells will effectively freeze and die as a result of this frost. The procedure will also encourage the body to eliminate these unwanted cells. The appearance will improve over the course of a few weeks as the body gradually metabolizes these dead fat cells.

Where does the CoolSculpting procedure take place?

This treatment takes place in a private, comfortable treatment room at Mirror Mirror’s Dubai location.

What areas of the body can be helped with CoolSculpting?

Fat and fatty deposits on the thighs, belly, flanks, lower back, upper arms, double chin, and male breasts can be reduced with CoolSculpting Dubai from Mirror Mirror.

A patient’s testimony about their CoolSculpting procedure in Dubai, TX. Dr. Paul Vitenas’ Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique is located in Dubai, Texas.

What is the procedure for CoolSculpting?

The aesthetician will apply two paddle-type applicators on both sides of the treatment region after the patient is comfortably resting. The targeted tissue will be elevated between the applicators using gentle suction, and it will begin to freeze. This is a painless and relaxing therapy. The paddles are withdrawn after 35-45 minutes (depending on the treatment), and the patient can resume all normal activities.

How long does it take to have a CoolSculpting treatment?

This treatment will take 35-45 minutes per treatment area (depending on the procedure). We have four CoolSculpting machines at Mirror Mirror, which allows us to treat several areas in the same session.

Machines for CoolSculpting

This treatment will take 35-45 minutes per treatment area (depending on the procedure). We have four CoolSculpting machines at Mirror Mirror, which allows us to treat several areas in the same session.

Will I require more than one CoolSculpting treatment?

To get the best effects, this treatment should be repeated twice on the same location. Patients can opt for a second CoolSculpting operation to reduce fatty cells even further. This should be done after three to four months to allow the body to remove all of the targeted fatty tissue.

Is CoolSculpting a painful procedure?

No, this is not an unpleasant treatment. Patients may experience frigid temperatures and a tingling feeling when the applicators cool. However, once the region numbs, this will fade away rapidly.

Is CoolSculpting performed under anesthesia?

There is no need for anesthetic because the operation is painless.

Will I have to remain completely still for the duration of the treatment?

CoolSculpting requires patients to remain seated for 35-45 minutes (depending on the treatment). Mirror Mirror will ensure that the treatment period is as relaxing as possible. While waiting, patients are usually at ease enough to read, access the Internet, talk on the phone, or even snooze.

When will I be able to return to work following my CoolSculpting procedure?

This technique does not necessitate any downtime. Patients are well enough to return to work the next afternoon.After having therapy, patients are able to resume all of their normal activities the same day.

What are the possible side effects of CoolSculpting?

Mirror Mirror’s CoolSculpting process is incredibly safe. During the treatment, no healthy tissue or cells will be harmed. Tingling, itching, redness, or bruising are common side effects, although they typically fade within a few weeks.

How long does it take to recover from CoolSculpting?

The same day as their operation, patients are able to resume all of their normal activities. This includes going back to work or school as well as getting some exercise. It’s possible that the area will be red or bruised for the first two to three weeks. It is usual to suffer transient numbness, tingling, or soreness in the treatment area. These, too, will shortly dwindle.

When can I expect to see CoolSculpting results?

After this operation, the results will begin to show as the body removes the fatty tissue. Patients may notice these improvements in as short as one to two months, but the complete results will take around four months to appear.

Who is the optimal CoolSculpting candidate?

Happy, healthy people who are actively trying to look and feel their best are ideal prospects. This treatment is a fantastic technology that targets and eliminates fat cells selectively to assist patients attain a more sculpted and shapely appearance. This is not a fast-acting weight-loss solution. Patients are weighed before and after therapy to ensure that their weight is steady so that the results can be viewed objectively. Individuals who have maintained their present weight for a long time and are typically unhappy with one or more “problem areas” are the greatest candidates for this treatment.

Are the results of CoolSculpting long-lasting?

The effects persist a long time. Although the excised tissue will not grow back, the body can still produce new fat cells. Patients should maintain their outcomes by eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly.

What is the cost of a CoolSculpting treatment?

The cost of this procedure varies depending on the number of locations treated, the size of the areas treated, the number of sessions required, and your personal goals. We’ll come up with a treatment plan that’s unique to your body, your goals, and your budget. For precise price information, please contact our office.

Is it possible for me to finance my CoolSculpting procedure?

Mirror, yes. Mirror provides patients with the option of using CareCredit to pay for their therapy. Patients have the advantage of receiving immediate approval when they apply online. For more information or to apply now, go to